How Will 4G Networks Change Business?

Mobile phones and handheld communication devices have already incurred changes that are beyond everyone’s expectations. And just when you though advancements couldn’t go any further, latest developments such as 4G emerges. And it is bound to bring gigantic leaps in businesses.

Over the years, there was a significant growth in the number of users engaging in Internet-related activity using their mobile phones. Old network systems are therefore finding it arduous to keep up with the volume. They tend to become swamped when too many users access the Internet all at the same time.

Netizens have, of course, gotten used to 3G – a third-generation technology that can support smartphones. But 4G promises to give more functionality to devices and uplift the tasks of businessmen in ways they have never imagined possible.

Getting to Know 4G

 The term “4G” stands for fourth-generation wireless communication. Similar to 3g, it is built with features that can deliver smooth mobile communication in the realm of Voice over Internet Protocol or (VoIP). A number of laptops and gaming devices have already been integrated with such technology, but its impact is most noticeable on mobile phones.

The difference lies on the way this technology deals with voice data.

With 4G, cell phones will work using the same VoIP system that mimics the nature of computer soft phone software. You can make calls through the system that can transfer all the information via wireless Internet connections that conform to various Internet Protocols. This allows the gadgets to completely maximize packet switching, which sends information from one destination to another at a quicker pace, but at a lower price.

Alongside, the network can also offer a lighting-fast service even among users accessing the network at the same time. This opens up multifold of opportunities for the utilization of wireless applications that could be promising in the business. It keeps users steadily connected while simplifying the transfer of necessary data among members of an organization.

In essence, 4G is a network that’s notably speedier than 3G. It is comprised of upgraded and fresh systems such as 4G Long Term Evolution or LTE. With the zippy speed, one can only be too sure that 4G will be relevant in the next several years.

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4G for Business

Claranet’s UK managing director, Michel Robert suggests that 4G can provide the boon that had been yearned by numerous enterprises. One of the benefits that can be reaped from the network is the cheap, fast and effective connectivity that can be used as a backup just in case the main network of a business encounters problems.

Instead of investing in another physical (and redundant) network, companies can opt to be connected via mobile connections at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses that are engaged in entertainment, media and e-commerce can make the most out of 4G. Given its more reliable data transfer system, efficiency and enhanced productivity can be easily gained.

Employees are also set to enjoy the advantages, especially those who face the constant need to check their mails and access documents remotely. 4G can open doors for a myriad of applications that can simulate working environment and exhaust cloud services through mobile phones. 4G information can be found using this resource to know deeper about it.

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