HTC One S Review

Introduction: HTC One S is the second phone in the line of the HTC One series. It is the phone that you can brag about with all its cool features, its flashy looks and the best part is that it fits your pocket just perfectly. The phone is an amazing integration of Ice Cream Sandwich the latest version of Google’s Android operating system with the newest HTC Sense software. Once you get to know the features of HTC One S, you’ll find this phone even smarter than the smartest ones available in the market.

Features: Apart from the latest software and operating system, the phone has a dual-core 1.5GHz processor. The camera offers great photos with packed 8-megapixel resolution photos. You can download the ICS only Google Chrome for Android browser. It has the latest HTC interface, Sense 4.0. Since, it is an ICS phone, it also has Face Unlock feature in it. This means that you can unlock the phone only by looking at it. One of the key changes that have been made for this particular handset is that it has a customizable launch bar that is present on the home screen. You can choose not more than 4 apps, which can be displayed on the screen just with one tap. The folders are even easier to manage as you can drag and drop the apps into them.

Design and Built: The phone has a beautiful screen that measures 4.3 inches. It is big but not gigantic and can be carried comfortably. The skeleton of the phone is just 7.8 mm thick, which makes it even easier to hold in the hand.

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Pros: There are many things that make this phone attractive but the ones that can be attributed to this phone specifically are that it is an Ice Cream Sandwich phone that is very fast and responsive at the same time. It has the latest HTC Sense software, but its use is not complicated at all. The 8 mega pixel camera is very good in quality, and the screen is big enough for you to browse your favorite websites on it.

Cons: The only bad thing about HTC One S is that it does not have a microSD card slot.

The bottom line is that this handset is very classy in the sense that it comes with the goodness of Android along with HTC’s own software. This integration makes the use of this handset easy for the users, who are not very apt at handling technologically complex devices. The best thing about this flashy phone is that it is very fast. The processor makes it possible for you to open the apps with just a tap of the finger. However, some people will be disappointed by the fact that there is no slot for the microSD chip.


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