HTC Sensation 4G Review

The HTC Sensation 4G for the phone carrier T – Mobile is considered to be the carrier’s best smartphones ever. It has features and specs that are very impressive. The lighting quick, incredibly well – built and it is running on HTC’s latest and greatest Sense user interface. But the real question is can the HTC Sensation compete with the other Android devices on the market?

Superphone word can be used to describe the HTC Sensation 4G but what makes the HTC Sensation a superphone. Well the HTC Sensation is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual- core processor, which makes the HTC Sensation one of the fastest phones on the market today. It also runs on Android 2.3, it also features a sharp and vivid 4.3qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera with two LED flashes and 1080p full HD video capture with a front – facing camera. The screen on the HTC Sensation is one of the best people are claiming. The crystal clear, bright, vivid, colors pop, and the concave glass on the device really kicks it up a notch because not only does it protect the display if you putting it on a flat surface face down, but it make it contour very nicely to your face when you talk on the phone.

The HTC Sensation run on HTC’s all new Sense 3.0 user interface on top of Android. This is an incredible but yet unique and interesting change. The reason why it is unique and interesting chance is because this allows the HTC Sensation to run at a faster speed. The call quality on the HTC is actually quite good. When talking on the HTC Sensation calls are reasonably loud and clear. The only problem is when using the ear – piece the volume is very low and calls didn’t sound that great. The speakphone is also not that great. The reception of the Sensation is incredible and latches onto more bars than usual.

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The battery life on the HTC Sensation is actually quite good. The HTC Sensation battery is powered by a 1,520 mAh battery and it performs better than most other smartphones. With heavy usage you can probably make it though the entire day with the HTC Sensation 4G. Moderate users should be able to make it until the next day before needing recharging.

The HTC Sensation 4G is an incredible Android device and with the great features this smartphone will be able to compete with any other smartphone on the market. The HTC Sensation 4G has the latest technology and is considered to be a true superphone.

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