HVAC Troubles? How To Guide Yourself Through Simple System Repairs

During the warmer seasons, you rely heavily on your HVAC system. It cools the home when the temperatures rise too high for your comfort. However, this large system can have its share of problems as time wears on. It’s designed to be serviced over a decade or longer, and there are several ways that you can participate in its care. If you’re experiencing HVAC troubles, it’s time to try these steps to improve its functionality.

HVAC Troubles? How To Guide Yourself Through Simple System Repairs

Determine a Location

Begin your system repairs by using your power of observation. The majority of systems are split into two sections, residing on the exterior and interior of the home. Turn the system on and verify where the issue resides. A strange sound or visual cue may be apparent in a specific area. Once you find the offending area, shut off the system to avoid possible damage.

Keep it Simple

Guide yourself through simple repairs by checking the most obvious issues first. Clean the unit’s exterior with a vacuum extension, and replace the air filter. HVAC systems may need a recharge of refrigerant too. All of these simple repairs will typically keep the system working between professional evaluations. In addition, verify that the exterior unit is free from any debris. Any blockages may affect the fan’s rotating action.

Hire Out For HVAC Repairs

When you aren’t comfortable with a repair or fail to find it in a timely manner, it’s time to contact the professionals. Some companies, like CB Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning, know that a basic evaluation is a normal option for any resident. Give them as much detail as possible when it comes to the problems you’ve been noticing. This information will guide their evaluation so that no issues are overlooked.

Consider the System’s Age

At times, simple repairs don’t fix all of your issues. Take a look at the system’s manufacturing date. If the system is older than 10 years, it may be time to invest in a new one. Parts become harder to find, and the system may not be as energy efficient anymore. Putting more money into an older system may be futile at some point, so a consideration of the unit’s age is critical.

Although there are many simple repairs that you can complete, reserve any electrical work for the professionals. Every HVAC system has complex wiring and current levels that must be preserved for the life of the entire system. To maintain your safety and protect the system, hire professionals when electrical work is part of the issue. You’ll have cool air that’s reliable throughout the summer.


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