Hydroponic Gardening: How to Customize Your Own System

The good thing about a hydroponic garden is that you can grow your own food in a relatively small footprint. There are a variety of solutions when it comes to designing your own system. Here are just a few ideas of how you can go about customizing your own system.

Bucket Method

The bucket method works best for larger plants because it allows the roots to have more room to spread out. Select the size of bucket that will work best for the mature size of the plants that you want to grow. Simply add in nutrient mix and planting material that’s loose and will allow the water to pass through easily. Drill holes in the sides near the bottom of the bucket so that you can hook up some hoses that will provide water for your plants. There is always a way to use a bucket to water plants in a hydroponic system.

Metal Tubing

For smaller plants or for those that do better in dense situations, a length of tubing can be used. This will allow you to have one hose that can service all of your garden at the same time. Use materials from metal fabricators so that you can customize the tubing to the length that you desire. Cut holes in the tubing in order to place your plantings. You’ll also want to make sure to smooth the edges of your holes so that the plants don’t become damaged or your hands while you’re tending to them.

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Reuse an Old Aquarium

Another hydroponic solution is to reuse that old aquarium. This simple and easy solution could be considered in the realm of upcycling. The second part of the system will involve the use of old Styrofoam. The foam is what is going to keep your plantings afloat in the aquarium itself. Make sure to add the correct mix of nutrients into your water so that your plants can thrive in their new environment. An aquarium can be a great place to grow plants, especially when it comes to a hydroponic system.

Ladder Framing

Pairing a ladder with tubing can help you to maximize the amount of space that you have available for your gardening needs. Secure the tubing onto each rung of the ladder and attach your watering hoses to the end of each tube. You can utilize the ladder rungs themselves as the shelf or you can hang the tubes from the underside of the rungs. In this way, you can use drip irrigation so that you can reduce the amount of water that is needed to grow your plants.

There are endless ways that you can go about getting starting on customizing your hydroponic garden. Use these ideas to get you going on the process.

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