I Forgot My iPhone Passcode

Your iPhone comes with a passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access to your device. There are two types of passcode locks you can use: 4-digit and alpha-numeric. The four digit passcode lets you use a four number passcode to easily open your iPhone. Extra security comes with the alpha-numeric passcode. This passcode uses a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to create smart passcodes that are harder to penetrate. Forgetting your iPhone passcode means you cannot access any of your iPhone media or files.

You use the iTunes interface to save your iPhone information. There are two ways to save the information on your iPhone: sync and backup. Whenever you perform a sync, you also perform a backup. The sync simply stores your music, movies, applications, books and TV shows on your computer to transfer back and forth. The backup stores you in-app purchases, messages, bookmarks and photos. The iPhone backup does not save your settings such as the passcode.

Easily remove a forgotten passcode by restoring your iPhone from a backup. This saves almost all of your information but eliminates that pesky passcode preventing you from getting your information.

Step 1

Attach your iPhone to your computer using your USB cord. Launch the iTunes software.

Step 2

Open your iPhone in the left navigation column. Sync your iPhone to your computer to save your information and create a backup to your iTunes software. Alternatively, open the Settings application on your iPhone. Choose the iCloud option. Tap the Storage & Backup option. Press the Back Up Now button. This backs your iPhone up to your iCloud.

Step 3

Press the Restore button on the main Summary screen in iTunes. This starts the factory restore process.

Step 4

Choose the backup you just created to restore from that backup. Wait for the restore process to finish. Your iPhone reboots when it is complete.

Step 5

Slide the slider to open your iPhone. There is no longer a passcode attached to your iPhone. You want to set a new passcode using the Settings application. Make sure to use a secure passcode that is easy to remember.

It’s a little alarming to discover how easy it is to remove an iPhone passcode. Rest assured that someone cannot steal your iPhone, plug it in and remove your passcode. This process only works with your computer and Apple ID account. Trying to sync an iPhone to a new iTunes account completely erases the device.

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