Importance of Quality Assurance in Customer Service Industries

A company’s ability to satisfy its customers’ needs and expectations directly feeds into its overall success and profitability. If your business is like many others, your customer service department is an essential component to your operations. However, it is not enough to simply respond to your customers’ needs when they contact your call center. Quality assurance plays a critical role in the overall customer experience as well.


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Through an effective quality assurance program, you can gather details about the customer’s experience with your company overall as well as about individual employees who the customer interacted with. Your quality assurance program is designed partially to ensure that each customer is happy with the purchase as well as the service he or she received. This directly impacts the likelihood that the customer will do business with your company in the future and will recommend your business to others.


Obtain Immediate Feedback

Without a quality assurance program, such as one that involves inbound call monitoring and scoring in real-time, you may only learn about a customer’s dissatisfaction weeks or more after the interaction. In many cases, too much time has elapsed for your company to address the situation and to make it right with the customer. On the other hand, real-time call monitoring and scoring can provide immediate feedback that is essential for maintaining a superior customer experience.


Establish Trust

Your customers want to know that your business is committed to their satisfaction. They also need to know that you will do what it takes to make things right if you are dissatisfied. Establishing this trust is critical to promoting repeat business. Your quality assurance program directly impacts how trustworthy your customers perceive your business to be.


Focus Employee Training Sessions

Through your quality assurance program, you may become aware of common issues or complaints. For example, when customers call your company with a billing complaint, they may be frustrated that the customer service agent is not knowledgeable with the process. This feedback helps you to identify training session topics that provide true value to your employees and to your customers.


It is easy to assume that your team is doing everything they can to satisfy your customers and that your customers are pleased with their experience with your business. However, these are areas that you cannot take chances with. Rather than make assumptions, institute an effective quality assurance program so that you can have hard facts that provide true value to your company.



Author: Anica O

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