Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

The world of search engine optimization has undergone a lot of changes over the past several years. However, there are few of the certain fundamental principles that top SEO services in San Diego or other major cities follow, remain unchanged.

Almost every other SEO company in San Diego or other major cities agree that beyond only getting the traditional SEO “juice”, keywords can reveal a lot more about the users and what they might be struggling to find.

With so many SEO techniques that can be implemented, it has become almost impossible to determine which ones are the most effective to stick to and which of these you can safely ignore.

Exactly what truly are the best SEO tips that’ll lead to prominent results:

Make sure your site is not slow:

A page that is very slow to load can frustrate its user experience which will ultimately discourage people from buying your product. As businesses are becoming more and more aware of the opportunities that can generate targeted leads and in turn, increase their revenues through search engine optimization, there is a huge demand for faster and responsive websites.

“On April 9, 2010, Google included site loading time as one of the all-important ranking factors”.  What this means is that if your pages are slow to load, you’re fighting a losing battle to get on the top organic listings, regardless of the quality of your content or your website. You will need to get rid of any non-essential elements that might be slowing down your website



Write for humans first, search engines second:

It is seen that more and more bloggers and content creators are sticking with the old method of SEO when keywords were meant to drive search results which surpassed the real qualities of engaging, i.e. valuable content. If that is you, it is time to change your mindset. This is the wrong approach. You will need to prioritise the actual users first instead of search engines.

Write relevant meta descriptions for every page:

The meta description is the first section beneath the search result URL that people see when Google serves up your page to search users.
In general terms, search engines don’t prefer duplicate contents. Yes, there might be some times when there is a need to cite a paragraph from another site, but if you are regularly publishing duplicate contents, you might get penalized by Google.

Similarly, implementation of duplicate meta descriptions will get you into trouble. Even if you are not penalized straight away, you still will be not providing great user experience.

The age of a domain or web page is also one of the top SEO tips you should be keeping in your mind. It is indeed crucial for your online success. Therefore, it will be unwise to constantly change your domain name. You will need to pick one and stick with it unless there’s a really good reason to switch.



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