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Improve Corporate Identity With A Unique Company Lobby

The most successful companies have a strong brand name. In addition to marketing efforts, it is important to consider how your workplace either helps or hinders the identity of your company. The first impression that people will get from your workplace will begin in the lobby from the moment they walk in the door. If you currently spend a large percentage of your budget on print media, online advertising, networking, and other marketing strategies, you may want to extend your budget to include a lobby space that is in line with your company’s overall theme.

Attractive Signage
If you work in a building that includes multiple businesses, then it is important to identify your business with an interior sign. Even if the entire building is dedicated solely to your company and you have an outdoor sign, it is still a good idea to have an interior sign since this will strengthen your company brand. Make sure that the sign is in a prominent place that your clients will notice as they enter your lobby. Many modern businesses are taking their signage efforts even further by adding logo water features to their lobby. For example, a small or large fountain that includes your company logo is sure to draw the attention of your clients and to create an atmosphere that appeals to their senses. With a little creative forethought, you’ll find a way to attractively display your company logo.

Comfortable Seating
Nobody enjoys waiting for appointments in uncomfortable settings. One way to create a much more pleasant experience for your clients is to provide comfortable seating. A lobby with a stylish couch or other type of comfortable seating will create a much more positive experience than a lobby with fold up chairs. The seating that you choose should fit in with the overall décor of your lobby. For example, don’t use your grandma’s old floral couch for a lobby that is otherwise designed with modern features.

Clutter Free
While you don’t want your lobby to be so bare that it creates a cold, unwelcoming atmosphere, you also don’t want to create a cluttered environment. Clutter represents disorganization, which is a quality that no company would want to be associated with. Your lobby or reception area should be organized and only include features that will optimize the comfort of your clients while they are waiting for their appointment.

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Create a Theme
Your company lobby should fit in with the overall theme of your office space, and the core goals of your business. For example, a modern tech company will be much more successful in branding their business by creating a modern atmosphere. This may include vibrant colors and fun décor that lets employees, clients, vendors, and anyone else who steps into the work environment know what the business is all about. On the other hand, a business focused on selling valuable antiques would be better off creating a workplace and lobby that features a more subdued atmosphere that harks back to another era.

Welcoming Atmosphere
No matter what the goals of your company are or what theme you choose for your business, your lobby should warmly welcome your clients. As the first visible area that existing and potential clients will walk into, you will be able to make a great first impression by giving your lobby a customized facelift. Take the time to explore other company lobbies and ask yourself what works and doesn’t work in these lobbies. Consider the best features of various company lobbies, and then customize these features in a way that strengthens your corporate identity and is suitable for the clients you are trying to attract.

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