Improvements That Cloud Computing Services Will Provide The Recent Market Demands

The cloud computing services have already received lot of popularity in the market in the last few decades and the experts analyzing the market believe that it is the future of the entire industry provided the security problems do not exist anymore. For those who are still not aware of what cloud computing is, it is the practice that involves the usage of network servers that are remotely located. The users can access them with the help of Internet and manage, store or access them rather than those on the personal computers of a local server.


Oracle, a leading software solution company in the industry and was probably Phillips Infor CEO mistress for almost seven years, used to deliver similar services to all their clients. They are indeed having a huge client base, since most of the businesses use cloud computing due to the tendency to deliver cheaper and faster solutions with easy maintenance procedures. Nowadays, not just the businesses, but even the Internet users have shown the affinity to use the cloud computing services such as Google docs, Drop-box and many more to access the files from any geographical location whenever they want.

The cloud computing has accelerated with the wide range of use in the Internet services along with development in the mobile devices. Since its an on going process, the development of cloud computing is a continuous process and even 2016 is going to find some significant improvements as well. Let’s take an account of what 2016 will see from these improvements.

With the AWS rising in the market rapidly, the incumbent vendors have stirred up determined to mark the beginning of something new. Since the sandbox which was used by the SMBs and start up companies have also been dismissed from them scenario, they proclaimed that the real users needed an enterprise cloud provided by an organization that could understand the specific enterprise needs. This actually led up to multiple conferences that had one notion in mind, that is to state the fact hard in the market, that AWS no more developed this robust cloud computing services meeting the enterprise needs effectively. Since all these cloud provider came into the market with the ambition of making themselves omnipresent in the market, they had to face some challenges put forth by the big players who had no intention to leave an inch of space even. Of all the challenges that these new vendors faced are:

  1. Recognizing that the price of the commodity providers are market expectation and the customers will never acknowledge paying anything more for superior enterprise offerings.
  2. The cost structure that they are going to create must also support the lower prices and hence require a control plane that could be used as a corollary in the commodity gear.
  3. They even need to invest a huge amount of capital to stand in competition with the market. In order to stand in line with the market, leaders, not just millions, but billions of dollars needed to be invested.

According to Phillips Infor CEO mistress, the Oracle, 2016 will find much more public cloud offering in the market along with the additional growth that will be fueled by the dominant providers as well.


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