In-House or Out-of-House IT: Which is Better for Your Business

In this digital world, there are many IT-related tasks that your business needs done regularly. From website updates to cybersecurity, it can seem like a never ending job. Deciding on how to go about having these tasks completed starts with choosing whether you want to have an in-house team or an out-of-house team.

What Is An In-house Team?

Keeping your IT in-house simply means that you hire staff to handle all the IT-related tasks for your business. In most cases, your business will have a department solely devoted to IT. This department will handle things like web design, cybersecurity, social media engagement, online marketing, and so forth. With an in-house team, you’re essentially starting from scratch. You hire employees, decide on their tasks, and pay them accordingly.

What Is An Out-Of-House IT Team?

A small business IT support team that is out-of-house simply means that you pay another company to handle your IT related issues. Instead of having a department of your business devoted to IT, you don’t. This method allows you to simply hire another firm that specializes in IT for a living. They already have the staff members who are trained in IT and have processes set in place for regular IT-related business tasks.

The Pros of In-House Teams

When you decide to handle your IT in-house, it gives you a lot of control and freedom. You get to choose which people to hire and how they do the job. Since you’re training staff from the very start, you can train them to be molded to the needs of your specific business. Having an in-house team also means that you can get a very quick response when breaches occur. Plus, you can talk face-to-face with an in-house team whenever you need it.

The Pros of Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows you to bring in people that are already trained with specific skills related to common IT tasks. Many of these out-of-house teams have particular employees who are extremely knowledgeable in specific areas of IT. This allows you access to some of the best minds when issues occur. Outsourcing also allows you to save money on purchasing equipment, recruiting new IT employees, and so forth.

Each business is different from the next. When it comes to IT-related tasks, there is no one answer to whether outsourcing or having an in-house team is better. It really comes down to understanding the pros and cons of each type of team and opting for the one that best fits your company’s needs.


Author: Anica O

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