Inventions Easing Life

Life as we know it, has become complex and a way too digitally optimized. From starting our day with the sound of our social media notifications to ending it with checking our emails; there’s so much to do in as little time. We are always doing a number of things at one time and are constantly looking for ways that can ease things up. There’s a constant cat and mouse chase going on in our lives, chasing after something every day. In this ever so busy routine and constantly evolving lifestyles we tend to ignore the usefulness of some things that are meant to help us in some way or other, although we are taking full advantage from them. Why is that so? The reason may differ from one person to another but the most common reason for these little saviors in our lives to be neglected maybe because we are quite used to their presence.

Here are a few things that are making our lives a little easier without us noticing them.

  • All on your Phone:

All on your phone

Our phones have become a trivial part of our lives. So trivial, we don’t even value them anymore. These phones have undoubtedly made our lives easier and much smarter, as their name suggests. The number of apps available for our use, to keep us connected, entertained and well managed is simply uncountable. We can do anything we want to ease our lives up with just making a few touches here and there. This world in our hands has a lot more to offer and with our level of dependency on this little device shows how we cannot survive a day without them. From general day-to-day help to efficient medical assistance we can now get everything at one little rectangular wonder of ours.

  • Medical indication at your wrist:

Medical indication at your wrist

Whoever invented these medical bands must be thanked a gazillion times. The invention itself may seem small and not so useful at all but give them a close look and you’ll realize they are actually a blessing for many. These medical bands have helped many people in need having medical conditions and/ or any health problems. For many, these were initially just accessories but with time have evolved into an accessory with a bigger cause. People with diabetes, heart and lung conditions can easily go around, travel and do anything they want without having to tell anyone about their problem.

  • What if there were no USBs?

Well, that’s a scary question but have you ever really wondered what life would be without these mini portable data transferring wonders? Life would be so incomplete without them. Thanks to this invention we are now able to get our files and other stuff from one computer to another. They have become such parts of our lives that we cannot live without but we don’t really value them much. Yes, we’ve all lost them every once in a while but we get them back as soon as their worth is realized. So Universal Serial Bus is one thing we need at all costs.

  • Pluck Egg Yolk Extractor:

Pluck Egg

This invention is rather very simple, yet an incredible life saver for the cookery. Either you are making omelet or baking your favorite biscuits, this tiny device help you suck the egg yolk easily without breaking the egg. This makes it the cleanest and speedy way to separate white from yolks.

  • Solar Panels:

Inventions Easing Life

Yes you heard that right! One of the fantasies in sci-fi movies and novels has now come to live. You can now recycle energy from sun to make your home and office appliances work, even when there is electricity break down. The good thing about it is these solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to work so you don’t need to worry on a cloudy day.For all these inventions, we are so dependent or not so dependent on them that we don’t really realize their worth, for that time at least. More such inventions are becoming part of our everyday lives and they are making it a little bit easier.


Author: Selena M