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Is IVF Abroad Safe?

When you hear about IVF abroad, and how it can offer you great results at better prices, as well as treatments that may not be available in your home country, it sounds attractive right from the start, doesn’t it?

The big concern for most people, however, is whether or not it’s safe.

Let’s consider all of the issues surrounding safety and IVF abroad.

Not All Foreign IVF Clinics Are Safe

The simple fact is that not all IVF clinics in other countries are safe. There are horror stories that come out of some of them. Then again, there are horror stories that come out of clinics in every country – so that’s not really a fair way to make the decision.

Not All Foreign IVF Clinics Are Unsafe

The flip side of the safety issue surrounding IVF clinics abroad is that many of them have perfect safety records, adhere to both local and international safety standards, and put clinics in countries like the US and the UK to shame.

How Do You Tell the Difference?

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The bottom line here is that there’s no such thing as a short cut. If you want to be sure that your clinic of choice offers the very best in safety standards, you need to do the research.

First, look into their licensing. Every single country out there has some sort of licensing requirements, set down by their government. Make sure that the clinics you’re considering have been registered, and are in good standing with all necessary health care certification authorities.

Another good idea is to look into the training of the doctors and staff. If the doctors trained in the US or the UK, or any of the other leading medical training countries out there, then you have some reassurance that the staff will be knowledgeable and skilled.

Getting references from people who have used their services is another good idea. Whether word of mouth, from someone you know, or online, references are important! Alternatively, give the clinic a call directly, and ask questions. If they’re happy to answer your questions, and if the staff speak English, that’s a good sign in itself!

Extra Care and a Little More Time

There’s no denying the benefits of IVF abroad. It can be cheaper, it can be combined with a holiday, and you can get access to some cutting edge treatments – some of which might not even be available in the country you live in.

The only thing you need to remember is that you will need to spend more time, and take more care, researching and choosing a clinic. It may take a little bit longer, but if you put in the time and effort, you can find the right treatment clinics, that offer safe, friendly, cost effective treatments that will achieve your ultimate goal – getting pregnant.

Tamara Spelling is a freelance writer for IVF Abroad Fertility Clinic Red Rock Fertility.

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