Laser Scanning – A Cool Toy Or A New Standard For Construction?

The 3D laser scanner has become quite the topic in Africa. With its many applications, it can help with construction projects, medical procedures and significantly more, and is largely responsible for the vast amount of urban renewal and development across Nigeria. Not only this, but it helps oil companies streamline their work, too.

The Benefits

3D scanners are a huge leap forward for Nigerian development. By producing 3D models of potential buildings, they pick out issues that cannot be seen immediately, thereby saving money and time. When it comes to building, the overall benefits are astronomical.

Uses of Laser Scanners

Construction companies with an admirable amount of experience and determination to consistently improve their business utilise laser scanners for all manner of construction projects. A 3D laser scanner takes an image of a building and designers or architects are then able to seek out potential problems and get to building without having to even leave their computers for long, thereby making the overall process shorter and inevitably making the project more affordable altogether.

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For more dangerous buildings that may require demolition, robotic control has become a fail-safe option. The laser scanner itself is the eye of the robot, so those controlling it can see through its ‘eyes.’ This informs the controller whether or not a building is safe to enter or can undergo simple renovations. It has additionally proved invaluable for the construction of roads. Experienced construction companies use this technology to ensure that they are safely entering a project, as well as helping with design procedures and providing the efficiency nothing else has provided up until now. Workers will stay safe in an area that has long been far behind the technological advances of the developed world.

A Bright Future

Nigeria has benefitted a great deal through the usage of laser scanning. Olatunji Kayode Olowolafe, and his company Deux Projects International, have been at the forefront of championing new construction technology throughout Nigeria. Not only is it an affordable alternative to existing methods, but it is also a part of a streamlined organisational process.

Deux Projects has become one of the most financially responsible and efficient companies working in urban renewal and development in Nigeria and has furthermore helped streamline oil procurement processes in the area. These advancements are finally being utilised to better Nigeria’s quality of life. Developing countries, especially Nigeria, have been lacking technology considered commonplace by the developed world. By offering these types of advancements, the lives of millions of people across the entire continent will be improved.

Written by: Abiola Alabi is a Nigerian blogger, journalist and writer.  He is particularly interested in infrastructure development and urban renewal in and around the burgeoning metropolis of Lagos. Abiola closely follows the work of Olatunji Kayode Olowolafe CEO of Deux Projects focusing on the long term gains in economic development that comes with improved healthcare standards and infrastructure development.


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