Lessons In Leadership From Facebook

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg led a college dorm project into a 100 billion dollar social media conglomerate within a matter of a few years. During this process, he himself evolved from an immature, egomaniacal college student to a CEO worthy of commendation from the entire world. So much can be learned from Mark’s style of management, most notably its evolution. They can be summarized as deliberate, fast, cutting, open, and idea darwinism.


It’s essential to make deliberate decisions in the face of endless choices and opportunities. These decisions might seem easy at first but get increasingly confusing when tempting opportunities start to emerge and dreams start to manifest in reality. Deliberate choices are based on solid, unflinching principles establish as early as possible in the company’s formation. These deliberate decisions allow decisions without regret as a company grows, honing ever more sharply on what the mission and values of a company actually are.


In this age of real-time social media, there is no time to establish thorough, entrenched groundwork in all areas. The landscape of the world is changing ever so quickly. By the time a project moves from germination to implementation, the landscape and environment of the industry could very well be in a vastly different place. Thus, decisions must be made especially quickly, now rather than later.


When something isn’t working, cut it out. When a path seems to be taking too long for its own good, or too entrenched in a dogma that isn’t necessarily true in the age we live in, don’t be afraid to cut it out. This ability to make cutting decisions, each and every turn, allows a company to sharply focus on what’s most important for it, and its place in the world we live in.


The world is increasingly an open place, where ideas aren’t just nice to be shared, but necessary to be shared. Inside the minds of each one of us is a treasure trove of insight, hindsight, and foresight — all of which can play a significant role in developing an immensely successful, immensely innovative project or company. An organization that lets ideas be locked up in the minds of its workers is an organization that is only partially living up to its breadth and potential as a force on this planet.

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Idea Darwinism

An environment where the best ideas are implemented should always trump the details of who brings up the ideas, or where the ideas come from. This is the new egalitarianism — may be best ideas win. This attitude replaces ignorance with innovation, and bureaucracy with brilliance.

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