Light It Up: How To Properly Show Off Your Artwork and Crafts

After you find that perfect piece of artwork to go up in your home you find yourself asking one important quest, “What is the best way to display it?” This can be tricky because it has to match your current decor, there needs to be sufficient space, and it needs to have the right lighting. Below are some tips that will help you show off your artwork and crafts in an ideal way.

Light It Up: How To Properly Show Off Your Artwork and Crafts

Display Prominently

You paid a lot for this art and are proud of it, so display it where it can be regularly seen. Entryways, stairwells, living rooms, and hallways are all good places to display the artwork. Places to avoid include the kitchen and the bathroom, because mold, moisture, and other unpleasant things are more likely to happen to art in those areas of a home. That’s not to say you cannot display art in those rooms just make sure it is art that is well-protected.

Match Colors

Another important factor to consider when planning how to display your artwork is colors. The color of your walls, the pattern of your wallpaper, your carpeting and even your furniture should be taken into account when deciding where to put what art pieces. For example, when buying a frame for a painting, you may want to match it to the color, pattern, and material of the wooden furniture in the room. An interior decorator can help you if you just can’t seem to get it right.

Have Proper Lighting

Lighting is key to displaying any artwork. The right lighting can make colors pop and really draw attention to the piece, accentuating all its strengths. This is something to consider when deciding where to place your artwork, although you can also add new lighting to an area of your home if need be. It is unsafe to try and do electrical work by yourself. Be sure to use a professional electrician, like Fowler Electric LTD, if you are making any adjustments to the electrical system of your home.

Protect It

Make sure all paintings are in quality frames and are held up by sturdy nails so they are less likely to fall. You can use special types of glass to protect art from sunlight so you don’t have to leave walls that get a lot of sun blank. The natural light can even serve to accentuate your art. Other art, such as pottery, can be placed in protective cases if you are worried about it being touched or damaged. This can also keep it from getting dusty.

Your art is precious, so make sure it is properly protected, but it needs to be displayed so all can enjoy it. Take the time to set up a perfect place for each of your art pieces and it will add so much to your home.


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