List Of The Most Popular Film Festivals Held In Europe

Cinema is celebrated all across Europe and it seems that there is a new festival each month. Film festivals are a great way to showcase the new talents and support and encourage them. These film festivals screen popular movies from around the world, motivate the young talent and give the viewers the chance to see their favorite stars. Now, there are a few popular film festivals that are held in Europe.

Listed below are some of the most significant film festivals in Europe.

Cannes Film Festival, France

The Cannes is perhaps one of the most significant film festivals in Europe and all over the world. The films that are presented at this film festival compete for Palme d’Or which is considered as cinema’s one of the most prestigious awards. Every year some of the biggest names from all around the world in the film industry gather to view the screenings and receive awards.

List Of The Most Popular Film Festivals Held In Europe

BFI London Film Festival, London

The London Film Festival exhibits some of the best films that have been previewed at other popular festivals around the world. This way, people get the chance to see the movies which they otherwise might not be able to. Also, even though the movies have been premiered already, most of the members of the cast are usually present during the screening. In this way attendees would get the chance to see their favorite stars and this is the reason why the London film festival is hugely popular.

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to innumerable cultural events and its International Film Festival happens to be just as popular. The Edinburgh International Film Festival happens to be the longest running film festival and is extremely popular among the younger lot. The main aim of the festival is to celebrate new talent and encourage them to keep producing excellent work. This is because several celebrities from around the world attend this festival.

Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland

The festival is comparatively new and was established in the year 2002. The festival however gained popularity because of its Golden Puffin award. This award is awarded only to the directors who are premiering either their first or second film. The festival aims to motivate young talent and thereby create a new generation of directors who have innovative ideas.  It is for this reason that the festival attracts a lot of young talent from the industry of cinema.

Venice International Film Festival, Italy

The Venice International Film Festival takes place during summer each year and is popular for premiering the films which enjoy success at the Oscars. Right since its establishment, the Venice Film Festival has become one of the most significant film festivals in Europe. The movie screening takes place in the historic Palazzo del Cinema situated in Lungomare Marconi as well as in other nearby venues. The festival was founded in the year 1932, making it one of the oldest festivals in the world.

These are a few film festivals in Europe that are considered as significant and therefore attract a lot of young talent from all across the globe.


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