Looking For Best Wine: Top 8 Vineyards Around The World

If you are travelling through the world and want to know the famous vineyards of the world, this article is for you. We have mentioned the top 8 vineyards of the world which are popular for its special servings of different types of wine. Please check the list below.

Looking For Best Wine: Top 8 Vineyards Around The World

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  1. Barossa Valley – Australia: This wine farm is famous for its time tested and distinct flavor of wine. They grow their type of grapes on their own. It has a unique taste which makes this vineyard unique from others. Barossa held Barossa wine vintage festival every year in April month. Besides this it has a very good landscape to get the fun of drinking and tracking.
  1. Tuscany – Italy: Tuscany is known for its world famous wine shop in Italy. It has a plenty of flavors of wine you never tested before. Chianti wine is the oldest and very popular wine brand in Italy. Chianti wine is made of Sangiovese grapes which are specially grown in its 10,000 acres of landscape. There are around 14 substations of enjoying different types of wines in one place.
  1. Bordeaux – France: Bordeaux is famous for its unique taste and endless varieties of wine. Bordeaux vineyard was open 300 years ago and still it serves for the city France. It is a pure red wine; it contains 80% of red grapes and 20% of other corpulent aromas. It is a well matched drink for the starters and crisp cookies and other cheesy snacks.

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  1. Piedmont – Italy: Italy is also honored with other popular vineyard called Piedmont. Piedmont is known for its wine intensely scented aroma given by the special fermentation. Barollo and Barbarossa are the two most popular vineries of Italy. it clearly shows the red color of wine. Piedmont has its special landscape where they grow Nebbiolo grapes. This really gives very unique and nutty taste when compliment with snacks or meat dish.
  1. Baden – Germany: Barden is the third largest vineyard stated in Germany. it is situated between the Swiss border and inner part of Germany. You will not find the awesome flavor formed here formed with the special process. Its special wine is a formed in clayey soil and rock of volcanic origin. Which enhances the wine flavor and gives a unique taste to wine? Riesling and Muller-Therugu are the two renowned wine of this vineyard.
  1. Santa Barbara- California: Are you waiting to get the strong and a great after taste wine, you will definitely get it from the Santa Barbara vineyard of California Spanish tradition is usually occurred in production of Wine. Chardonnay and Pinot Nair are the most demanding wines varieties of this country. Also it is famous for its sparkling wine which is included in the most famous Champagne list.
  1. La Rioja – Spain: La-Rioja includes some of the best wines like Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva. All these are famous brands which are made in natural sceneries. it is also  a best place to spend some time in relaxation. In this large vineyard you will find so many sellers and buyers who can taste the different types of wine of this region. This place is also known as the ancient winery of this world for its ancient wine ageing technique.
  1. Maipo Valley- Chile: Maipo Valley is a popular wine producing vineyards of Chile. The flavor in the grapes is enhanced by unique concepts of proximity of the Ocean and by using the unique characteristic soil. You can find the real wine making process through visiting the wineries of Santa Rita. There you can easily see how grapes are grown and how grapes are fermented and produce win with the gastronomy of the region.

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