Lost Some Teeth? Why Dentures May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Almost every single adult will lose at least one permanent tooth in their lifetime. In addition to impacting the appearance of your smile, tooth loss can also wreak havoc on your oral health and increase your risk of many different secondary complications. A pair of custom dentures will give you the ability to once again eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Here is a closer look at how these devices work and some reasons why you shouldn’t ignore missing teeth.

Lost Some Teeth? Why Dentures May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Common Causes of Tooth Loss

The single most common cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease. Also called gum disease, this condition affects nearly 47 percent of the adult population. Another major risk factor for tooth loss is acute trauma to the face. When you hit your face on a hard object, your teeth might become completely dislodged from your jaws. Some of the other risk factors that patients should keep an eye out for include malnutrition, smoking, cavities, and bacterial infections. The easiest way to prevent tooth loss is to brush multiple times a day with high-quality toothpaste and visit your dentist at least twice a year.

The Dangers of an Incomplete Smile

Many of those who have missing teeth never even consider heading to a dentist because they believe that an incomplete smile is nothing more than a cosmetic issue. Missing teeth will alter the appearance of your smile, but this condition can also affect your overall oral health. Every single tooth supports the tooth next to it, and the remaining teeth will become weaker once a permanent tooth is lost. The roots of a tooth also stimulate the nearby bone and prevent severe bone loss. When left untreated, tooth loss can result in overbites, underbites, gum disease, and oral infections.

Modern Dentures

Dentures are designed to restore the form and function of a patient’s smile after losing multiple permanent teeth. These devices are now made from extremely durable materials that can last for years with the proper care. After the inside of your mouth is mapped with advanced imaging software, your dentures will be customized to comfortably sit on top of your gums. Along the front of the dentures are custom crowns that look and feel just like natural teeth. Once you are used to having dentures in your mouth, you might completely forget that they are there.

Fixed and Removable Dentures

Traditional dentures are placed just over the gums, and different products can be used to keep them in place. While these devices have helped countless patients over the years, some people prefer long-term solutions. Dental implants are often used to anchor dentures in place so that they don’t move around a patient’s mouth. Implants are thin metal rods that can be anchored directly into the patient’s jaws. In the following weeks, the bone will form a bond with the metal rods to create a sturdy foundation for the dentures.

Caring for Your New Smile

During your initial consultation, you will be given exact instructions on how to care for your dentures. These devices are very durable, but they can become damaged if you chew on hard foods or forget to clean them. A toothbrush with soft bristles and antibacterial toothpaste should be all that you need to keep the false crowns vibrant and odor-free. Your dental team might also suggest a certain type of mouthwash or cleaning agent to rinse debris away from the framework and clasps. Make sure that you visit your dental professional, like these Statesville dentists, regularly to ensure optimal oral health.

No matter what type of restorative treatment you finally decide on, you should never ignore this oral health issue for too long. Everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud of, and dentures might be just what you need to restore your confidence. These custom devices are more eye-catching than ever, and they can last for years with the proper aftercare.


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