Love Thy Neighbors As Thyself

The Bible is replete with the best philosophies of life and one such among all the extraordinary enlightening knowledge says it is important to love your neighbor as yourself. This teaching of Jesus Christ is an excellent thought that nurtures community life. Even though the world may be running a rat race to win all the luxuries of life, yet there is nothing more satisfying than being able to help someone in need.

Having a healthy community automatically makes your life a happy one as well; service to others is perhaps one of the most satiating feelings in the world. Everyone lives for themselves but thankfully, there still exists some kind souls who really believe that serving fellow humans is the right way of following what Jesus taught. The Westside Family Church is the place for you to be if you too want to serve others by your kindness. This church conducts various service activities within the community such as helping out abandoned children and makes it evident that all that Christ wanted everyone to do was to spread love and affection.

Love Thy Neighbors As Thyself

The materialistic attitude of people everywhere, has made them oblivious to the needs of others, however, the works of charity of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS reveal that the realization of service to men is still burning within the hearts of the righteous. Service to others is a two way process of bringing happiness, it gives a happy sensation to both the server and the served. While the people are served benefit materially, the server gains spiritually.

This sense of satisfaction of being useful to the down trodden and needy helps give an aim to your life and perhaps adds a meaning to your existence. Recalling Jesus’ words,” what does it profit a man to gain the world but at the loss of his soul?”, it could be said that serving your fellow community people is the way to retain your soul by putting to proper use the material wealth you have. Helping each other does not take away your accumulated wealth; instead it gives you zeal to earn more in order that you might be able to help others all the more.

This attitude of service is really hard to find in a world full of anger and intolerance, but the Bible can guide you in every step of your life. Jesus was the son of God who became man, God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, who suffered and died for the sake of the sins of mankind. If Jesus being a man did not worry about the material things of life, is it not possible for every other man to do the same? Surely, He was not the owner of the latest gizmos and luxuries of life, but He had a happy life, a life devoid of worries.

The intention of God of sending His son to this world as a human was to show the humans the possibility of living a life that is given up for the service of others, which exhibits “love thy neighbors as thyself”.


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