Mack Prioleau- Top Tips To Remember When Traveling Across The Globe!

Traveling expands the mind and it helps you meet different people across the globe. When you travel you will discover new cultures, traditions and food. You are able to de-stress and rejuvenate as well. Traveling is a good break from your monotonous and mundane life. It is healthy for the mind, body and the soul!

Mack Prioleau- Top Tips To Remember When Traveling Across The Globe!

Mack Prioleau- Top Tips to remember when you Travel Across the World

Mack Prioleau is a travel enthusiast based in the USA. He is a major in Economics and a minor in Financial Economics and Corporate Strategy at the Vanderbilt University in Fort Worth in Texas. He says when he was 8 years old his family went on a world tour and visited 19 nations. This tour lasted for 10 months. He fondly remembers this tour stating that he learnt how to speak Spanish, sleep while traveling, interacted and had an amazing experience with people from many cultures.

He says that he still loves to travel and has a love for Texas music.

Tips to remember while Traveling

He says when you travel across the world, the following are some of the tips you should remember-

  1. Never tip at a restaurant or hotel while in Japan- He says that Japan is known for its exceptional high standards of service and the people ensure you get the highest standards of hospitality. The people here are very proud of this fact and so tipping comes as an insult to them.
  2. Right hand in India- Indians prefer to use their right hand in everything they do. Eating, accepting and giving money etc. They consider the usage of the left hand unclean so avoid using it at all costs when you are in this country.
  3. No unnecessary honking in New Zealand and Norway- When you are traveling in New Zealand and Norway, do not honk your horn unnecessarily here unless you have an emergency. The honking will invoke panic among the people and there will be unnecessary chaos around among the other drivers.
  4. Gifting flowers in Ukraine- When you are in Ukraine, never gift flowers to anyone in even numbers. Flowers in even numbers are gifted to people during funerals.
  5. Meals in China- When you are offered food in China, never finish the whole meal- leave some food on your plate. If you finish the whole meal, your host might consider that the food was not filling for you. Burping after food means you are happy with the meal served to you.
  6. Avoid the Thumbs Up Sign in Iran & Middle East- The Thumbs Up sign is considered to be offensive in these regions. Do not use it as it is demeaning to the public.

Mack Prioleau says that different nations have different cultures and traditions. This is what makes the world unique in its own way. Traveling gives you so much to learn about fellow humans. He says that everyone should travel at least once every year so that they are able to experience the joys of unity in diversity across the world.


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