Maintaining Your Vehicle: 5 Tips Your Car Will Thank You For

Maintaining a vehicle can be both confusing and expensive when you do not know where to start. However, maintenance is an important task that you need to routinely complete in order to ensure that your car continues to run properly. Maintenance can prevent major repairs that may need to be done later on. This article is here to serve as a guide for what you should change and do to keep your car in top shape. Make sure to create a schedule, as this will make maintenance much easier.

Maintaining Your Vehicle: 5 Tips Your Car Will Thank You For


Your car’s engine relies heavily on oil. Oil serves two very important roles in an engine, lubricating parts that rub together and cooling the engine; with the former being more crucial than the latter. By performing routine oil changes, as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you will be ensure that your engine is running as smoothly as it can.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission is a major part that many people forget about. This part directs power from your vehicle’s engine to the wheels and uses its own fluid for lubrication. Routinely changing a vehicle’s transmission fluid, like oil, will allow for the transmission to remain cool and operate smoothly.


Every time you come to a stop, your brakes absorb heat and wear a little. Over time, brakes will completely wear down and will not perform as well. If you hear a screeching sound coming from your brakes, when coming to a stop, it is often times a sign that he brakes need to be changed.

Car Wash

A clean car is a happy car. You do not need to perform a full detail in order to keep your car looking new. Performing consistent services, like washing your car and waxing the paint, will allow for your car to maintain its shine. Car washes offer a combination of services that make the process quick and easy. Many car wash locations, such as  Quick Quack Car Wash, also offer their customers discounts and services, like free car washes during their birthday.


Your car’s battery is what allows the vehicle to start. A dead battery will completely prevent a car from starting. It is important to not only change your battery, when it is giving signs that it is dying, but to also routinely keep the battery clean.

Once you have setup a steady schedule, for when you need to perform maintenance, it becomes an easy set of tasks. These maintenance tasks will allow for your car to run smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. Read your vehicle’s instruction manual to aid you in creating a solid schedule.


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