Make a Big Impact with Large Format Printing

Large format printing is simply a print that is larger in size than 17 inches, typically in the 17-100 inch range. Over 100 inches is often referred to as super wide. While some large format printers use sheets of paper, many use rolls of print materials due to the size and nature of the printing.

Obvious uses for large format prints are billboards, however there are a lot of interesting and entertaining things you can do with large format printing. Some of these include:

Car wraps
Make your car look like it’s covered in jellybeans, or print simple signage to promote your home business.

Home decorating
Putting a life size monster decal in your child’s closet is always entertaining. Or perhaps you like to go to sleep dreaming of your favourite movie star. Creating entertaining and personalised holiday door clings from last year’s photos can add interest to tired holiday decorations as well.

Nothing makes grandma happier than a blanket printed with her little sweetheart picking his nose. Or perhaps a gallery style canvas print of a holiday photo is better suited to her.

POP (Point-of-purchase) items such as life size stand up figures, printed boxes and signage offer endless possibilities. Entire booths for trade shows and other events can be constructed simply with large format printing.

You can find many large format printing resources online, where you upload your digital file and have the finished product sent to your home. If you are working on the smaller side of the large format spectrum, you may even wish to buy your own printer. Many inkjets make this an affordable possibility.

When working on a large format project, keep a few things in mind. Choose an easy to read typeface over a fancy one. Step back – make sure your design still looks good from a distance of about 10-20 feet from your monitor. Additionally, printing a small sample can help you avoid costly reprints due to errors. Be mindful of file size and formats. When not using photos, use vector based images (.EPS files) when possible, as bitmap images can be quite large and bog down your computer. Check with the printer or find a printing guide online for specifications relevant to your project. Different projects will require different resolutions for the best end product, and the distance the item is viewed from will also affect the necessary file size.

Large works can have quite an impact. With the variety of options available you are limited only by your imagination. If you are looking for something different, think outside the box and consider trying a large format printing project. The rewards can be huge.


Author: Michelle Lee

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