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Make Mugs for the Office CrewMake Mugs for the Office Crew

Let holiday shopping be easy: Get custom gifts for every office employee at once! Whether you’re a thoughtful co-worker, “the boss” or a corporate event planner, minespress cheap mugs are an office gift buyer’s savior. Custom ceramic mugs are as cheap as $2 each after setup — yet the quality is top-notch. Read on for details, tips and ideas!

Choosing Color, Shape & Graphics

We like Minespress mugs partly because they’re the best-looking. Your first step in ordering custom mugs will be choosing a shape/color combination.

·      Shape:Minespress mugs range in size from the typical coffee cup to wide latte cups and jumbo 24-ounce mugs. Some are angular and some are curved. Several styles of soup bowls and mugs with coordinating ceramic spoons are also available.

·      Color:They’re Technicolor! The bold but tasteful ceramic glaze colors help set these products apart from competitors. Choose from plenty of matte and glossy options. You even have a two-tone option, meaning you can have one company color on the inside and another on the outside.

Next you’ll upload graphics or choose from the Minespress database.

·      Logo: Most mugs given as office gifts feature the company logo on one or both sides. You can upload the logo in these formats: AI, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PSD and INDD. Does your company lack a logo? Here’s your chance to choose one: Minespress offers an emblem database and will integrate your text!

·      Other images:Depending on your company culture, you might also be able to print more interesting images and words. For instance, does your office have a softball team? Print up mugs with your team name and a sports image. Who founded your company? Print their photo and an inspirational quote.

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Tip:If you only print on one side of your mug, remember the lefties! Approximately 15% of the world population is left-handed – and these coffee drinkers appreciate mugs made just for them. 

How can you make the mug extra-special? As mentioned above, you can make an even classier mug by choosing two glaze colors. You can also type a slogan or quote, a Happy Holidays message or a Happy New Year’s message.

Extras.Dress up the gift with small gifts: candies, baked goods, gourmet coffee beans, or other corporate swag like company pens, flash drives and key tags.

Why Ordering Corporate Mugs Makes Sense

Mugs are rarely thrown away.If the recipient already has dozens of mugs in their collection, then your gift will probably be re-gifted. That’s free advertising!

Mugs make great promo gifts.Once you’ve paid the set-up fee, you can order minespress coffee mugs any time you want corporate swag for these and other advertising opportunities:

·      Corporate holiday parties
·      Customer appreciation events
·      Expos/Trade shows
·      Seminars
·      Out-of-towner gift baskets
·      Fundraisers

While ordering your holiday gifts you can also order other corporate promo products. Minespress makes custom flash drives, pens and pencils, mousepads, water bottles, sweatshirts and much more. Check out their “Under $1” section for the cheapest deals!


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