Make Your Hotel Stand Out

Particularly useful for any independent and boutique hotels is making your hotel stand out is the biggest aim. Even the Cheap Accommodations in Joondalup or other suburbs in Australia with no element of luxury or specific USP should aim to be different and break away from the monotonous hotel experience. Here are a few ways that can help you make sure that all your guests have a lovely and exceptional stay.

A special welcome

A Unique welcome is a perfect way to start a guest’s stay. Special surprises combined with the excitement, new guests often have the chance of sharing their experiences, or eagerly returning for the next vacation.

We can try surprising them with a delicious cake or a homemade treat or a glass of champagne or a welcome drink as they check into their rooms for the first time. Also, implement cultural elements and aspects into your service, such as a delicacy from the local cuisine, wherever possible.

Offer Exceptional service

The most memorable hotel moments often come from fantastic and caring service. Introduce specific guiding standards within your team of staff so that the service standards of your hotel are set apart from the competition.

Make sure to hand each guest a welcome note, ensure the concierge knows the crack and crevice of your location, and always aim to take each stage of the guest experience to a new level – Does your airport transfer cars offer free Wi-Fi for your guests? Do guests get a call when they are on the way to your facility in the car, asking for any specific requirements on their part and welcoming them? Does your staff call the guests by their name?

These elements of surprise help in a huge in setting your hotel apart, and keeping your brand ingrained in guests’ mind thus, encouraging repeated reservations and visits. Also one can try handing out membership cards for their hotels to regular guests.

Use technology wisely

Hotel owners can now switch from conventional locking systems in their hotel room to contactless locks which employ the use of RFID or other such innovations to make the stay for your guest a little easier and hassle-free.

Add a Special element to each room

Adding a special feature to your affordable accommodation in Joondalup or any other suburb in Australia, enhances the guest experience. Maybe set a new theme to each room, a hidden area in your top suite for guests to explore, give away free tickets to any local attraction in your city, write down the history of each room behind its doors or write the hotel’s history for your guests to read and appreciate your hard work. Unique elements in your room always help in getting people talking about your hotel. Try thinking of what is unique in your property and utilise it in the way you see fit.



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