Make Your Life Easier With A Dishwasher

We all have to eat and most of us eat the majority of our meals at home. It’s a time to sit down with the family over a delicious meal, lovingly prepared, and chat about the day. Many of us also love to entertain, inviting close friends and family round for a slap-up meal, a few drinks and a lot of laughs. However, the downside to preparing, cooking and eating meals at home is the dreaded washing up. The sight of a mountain of dishes, glasses, cutlery and cooking equipment piled up on the worktop is always depressing and suddenly eating out seems far more appealing.

And this is exactly where the dishwasher comes into its own. Ever since it started to become affordable in the 1970s, the dishwasher has made home cooking so much more enjoyable. The knowledge that you can simply stack all those dirty dishes in the dishwasher, shut them away and then press a button when you’re ready and they are automatically washed and dried makes family dinners and entertaining so much more appealing! And think of how much more hygienic it is. When washing up manually we are limited to how hot the water can be by our delicate skin. However, a dishwasher has no such limitations and can heat the water to a high enough temperature to eradicate all nasty bugs.

With the huge advances in dishwasher technology life has been made even easier. Smart dishwashers can sense the size of the load and the amount of cleaning required and adjust the amount of water needed accordingly, allow you to wash half loads, offer a range of programmes, and are surprisingly quiet. Really smart models, such as Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, offer a completely unique concept to truly make life easier. The company recognised that there were fundamental faults with standard dishwashers from a usability and ergonomic point of view and created the multi-award-winning Dishdrawer. Rather than one large space with a pull-down door, the Dishdrawer is available as a single or double drawer, which is easy to slide out (great for the back!) and each operates independently so you can wash small loads just as economically as large ones. Plus, it allows you to load different items in each so that you can target specific wash programmes for the contents, which is ultimately far better for your dishes.

If this has persuaded you that you need one in your life, choosing which dishwasher to invest in is the next step but keep in mind the size of your family, the frequency with which you entertain, the functions you think you’ll use, check energy efficiency ratings, and you’ll soon find the perfect dishwasher for you. It’s time to put that scrubbing brush down and spend more time doing the things you actually want to do!

Washing up is not something anyone enjoys doing, which is why investing in a dishwasher and freeing up your time to do the things you want to do makes sense.

Image credit: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited


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