Making Safety a Priority: Tips for the Commercial Driver

Even though vehicles are safer than ever, accidents can still happen in the blink of an eye. When those accidents involve commercial vehicles, they often result in life-altering injuries and expensive damage. That is why commercial drivers must do everything in their power to remain as safe as possible while out on the road.

Take Driver Safety Courses

Once every few years, you might want to consider taking a driver safety course. Also called defensive driving courses, those classes will help you refresh your skills and knowledge. They often teach you information such as how to properly secure loads and what to do while escorting. Depending on where you work, your employer might even offer to pay for those classes in order to keep their insurance premiums to a minimum.

Use a Trucker’s GPS

Many new drivers don’t realize that some companies make GPS units specifically for truckers. In addition to giving you directions and updating you on traffic conditions, those units also give you information on potential tolls and rest stops. Some of them even tell you about specific height and weight restrictions on certain bridges and roads. When choosing a GPS unit, you should make sure that it is going to withstand a rugged environment.

Stay Physically Healthy

As a commercial driver, you need to make sure that you are physically healthy at all times. In addition to making your trips more pleasant, being healthy is also going to reduce your risk of countless medical problems. You will be able to stay alert for longer periods of time if you eat properly and have a strong cardiovascular system. In addition to following a healthy diet, you should also make sure that you exercise at least a few days a week.

Regularly Check Your Licenses and Certifications

Having the proper licenses and certifications is absolutely vital for all commercial drivers. Once every few months, you should take a look at your paperwork to make sure that none of it is close to expiring. Some licenses take quite some time to acquire, and you might be fired instantly if your paperwork expires. You must also make sure that you have the proper licenses for each individual vehicle that you operate. If you find that a certification is close to its expiration or that you’d like a refresher course, finding a reputable company that offers more specific learning opportunities like medium rigid truck training courses could be a good option for you.

Making safety a priority now can help you avoid disastrous situations in the future. Ensuring that your certifications are up-to-date, you’re using the best tech, and that your body and mind are just as prepared for jobs as your equipment is will help you stay on the road for years to come.


Author: Anica O

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