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Master Your Poker Face: How Playing Poker Makes You a Better Negotiator

While poker is a fun game on its own merits, it can also help you develop skills that apply in other areas of your life. One of the greatest benefits of playing poker regularly is the fact that you can become better at negotiations. Here are four critical ways in which the game of poker can make you a top negotiator.

You’ll Learn not to Tip Your Hand

In many cases, negotiations can be ruined by giving away too much information. If the person you’re negotiating with can tell you’re desperate for a specific outcome, he or she will be able to talk you into worse terms than you could get by being difficult to read. Playing poker teaches you the valuable skill of giving your opponents as little information as possible.

You’ll Become Comfortable Under Pressure

Negotiations can be high-pressure situations, especially as they progress toward resolution. The same is true of poker, where pressure builds as you get farther into the game. If you play poker regularly, you’ll slowly develop the ability to keep a cool, clear head under pressure. Even online poker games like those created by Z4 Poker can help you become a bit more comfortable under pressure, though the benefits are greatest when you’re playing live games.

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Dealing with Numbers Will Get Easier

In any negotiation involving finances, it may be necessary to quickly crunch numbers so as not to break momentum. If you’re a poker player, this will be much easier, as you’ll get used to doing mental math quickly while focusing on other things at the same time. This skill is one of the most valuable things you can pick up from the game and use in other areas of your life.

You’ll Learn When to Fold

Sometimes, the right move in a negotiation is simply to walk away from the table. If things aren’t progressing in a way that’s satisfactory to you, there’s no sense in putting more of your time and resources into drawing the negotiations out. Knowing when to simply say no and walk away is a skill that is invaluable in negotiations and in life in general, and the act of folding in poker will help you become more comfortable with making that decision when necessary.

These are just some of the many benefits that poker can confer on people who play it regularly. If you’re looking to become a better negotiator, getting into more poker games is a great place to start.

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