More Than Just A Mall Cop: 4 Quick Tips On Working For A Security Company

The definition of what a security guard is can have quite a variability in the answer depending on who you ask. Mall guards have a different spectrum of responsibility than a security detail contracted by a corporation doing work in an unfriendly part of the world does. The first may be trained to advise, observe and report while the second may be trained to engage and neutralize threats. Most domestic security jobs are not as dramatic. They do require dedicated men and women who are willing to protect client interests, customers and the general public. This is what you need to know:

More Than Just A Mall Cop: 4 Quick Tips On Working For A Security Company

Fill the Present Need

Opportunities for security personnel are abundant. Your first on-the-job experience may not be all you thought it would be, but starting out willing to fill the present needs of a security company, such as Trident Security, demonstrates that you can be a valuable asset of the team. Volunteering for some extra shifts nets you overtime pay and puts you on the radar of management who appreciate reliability and consistency very highly.

Seek Additional Training

First, check to see the requirements for the position you desire in the security company you work for. For example, Arizona armed security positions require specific training requirements to be met and have several things that can disqualify applicants from receiving a license. Some positions may require the ability to operate a specific technology such as a multi-camera video surveillance system that utilizes facial recognition technology. Other positions may benefit by you being trained as a first-responder or an EMT. If you want to advance to a higher paying security team position, acquiring more skills will be necessary.

Be Meticulous

Security work often has facets of the job that require an obsessive attention to detail to be followed each shift to ensure the protection of life and property. Something as simple as checking that doors are locked on a patrol is an example. It is routine and boring to check doors, but an error on your part could allow a security breach that puts lives and property at risk. As a guard, you need to have the ability to be vigilant and exacting in carrying out your job responsibilities. Keep in mind that shortcuts that lead to a breach of security that ends up causing loss or harm might result in criminal or civil liability.

Look and Act Professional

Get or stay fit, and maintain a professional look. Cultural expectations have the general public put more trust into professionals who look the part for the jobs they are doing. Neatly trimmed hair, no visible tattoos or piercings, and uniforms kept and worn to military standards goes a long way to security team advancement. Be sure to conduct yourself in a polite and respectful manner when interacting with the public, coworkers and superiors, and have a well-defined commanding presence that lets you professionally take charge of developing situations.

Never let your guard down on the job. The mundane routine of some aspects of the job require a dedicated commitment to always making sure those tasks are done properly. Work in security can advance to career-level benefits if you show you have what it takes to get started today.


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