Morning Glory And Midnight Musings

Morning Glory
Where and when you wish to begin I care not, but when the time arises just take my hand and come with me. Or if it were better and fate was so clever, perhaps it is you who could show me where to be. Because I have often felt lost in places well known, and have been lonesome while in good company. But when with you my dear, I swear, it doesn’t seem the direction we head heeds any bearing on the outcome. While in sum, I am happier now than I have been for as long as I care to remember. Because now I know that the reason I felt lost and lonely for so long was because I had yet to have you again by my side.

And I tried, believe me I tried. Thoughts of you over the years kept my eyes fixed on the horizon, always half expecting and fully hoping to see you there. But as it happened, my sun for ages failed to rise and though it’s said to be darkest before dawn, I had long since given up on hope. Hope of another sunrise. When you found me I was sitting lost in the dark, feeling helpless to both circumstance and folly. Fumbling around blindly not knowing where I was looking nor what I was looking for. But even as the suns morning light licks the night’s darkness away, you too were my morning glory, my sunshine. You’ve helped me to see again why I kept hope alive for as long as I had. How wonderful life can be, the good feelings that reside deep within, love, and how simply beautiful it can all be if only looked upon with a different light.

As my night shifts to day, all I can do is wonder how I let something so special set in the past. How blind I had since been, naïve, arrogant, ignorant.  But more importantly, I wonder how to keep it from setting in the future. The beauty is there is a lot of time to think and muse when sitting in the dark. You might wonder how one would keep a sun from setting. But that is precisely something for you to always wonder, and for me to continually prove possible.

Midnight Musings
Some of the most beautiful birds have given up their most precious gift. They’ve turned their back on their brethren, who fly on a wish or whim. An action which many dream of doing, yet for them, there is something more special to be had.

They would much rather remain where they are, so that they may continue their search on foot. All the while dawning the most spectacular costumes. All in the hopes that they may attract with beauty, rather than with what they’ve given up for ability.

Meanwhile, their countless enemies lurk in the shadows all around them unseen. From the skies, their brethren notice the danger circling around on the ground and wonder why they would remain. Why they would wear such feathers and let their presence be known.

But some believe there are things in this world well worth life and limb, and the few remaining wonder why so many flee. Why is it when you are searching for something, or hoping to be found, you would dawn feathers that hide you from the world? Wouldn’t it be better to wear the most brilliant colors imaginable so as to draw attention, regardless if you on occasion attract the wrong attention. There is little reward for little risk, and I imagine many birds realized this ages ago. The Birds of Paradise, Peacocks and any other form of non-flying birds are amazing, and there should be a lesson learned from their bravery. That lesson however should be for each to decide on their own.

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