Most Common Insects You Find in Your Home

Finding insects crawling or flying freely around your home is a nightmare. Many common insects found in homes pose not only an inconvenience to the general cleanliness and maintenance of your house. They likewise pose a health hazard to you and other residents.

Knowing more about the common insects that can be found in your home is a good step towards maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your household. You can also prepare different ways to prevent a large-scale infestation, or you can find out how to reliably remove these pests in the future.

5 Common Insects in your Home


  1. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a flat oval brown or reddish-brown body with six legs; they tend to be the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs usually become a problem in places or rooms where you store luggage, bags, clothing, and other souvenirs from travel outside. They can be found in and around the bed, and other warm areas like the seams of furniture and even in piles of clothing.

The bite of these insects can cause itching, which can lead to a lot of inconvenience as time goes by. Getting rid of these bed bugs means cleaning through a big chunk of your home.

  1. Spiders

These eight-legged pests (which are scientifically not insects, but rather arachnids) are commonly found in the nooks and crannies of homes, such as in cupboards, corners, closets, and under the furniture. Common spiders, such as yellow sac spiders and American house spiders, sometimes help in maintaining the home by hunting other insects.

Spiders rarely become a problem, as they tend to keep to themselves. You’ll only find your house overrun with webs if you don’t engage in regular cleaning.

  1. Cockroaches

With six legs and long antennae, these brown insects are the bane of many people. They are usually found in warm and humid areas such as your bathroom, kitchen or basement. They also feed on almost anything.

Cockroaches can transmit bacteria and lead to diseases; crushing cockroaches also leads to a foul odor. While cockroaches are famous for being resilient creatures, you can get rid of them by keeping your counters clean and food kept where they should be.

  1. House Ants

These well-known insects, with a segmented black-brown body, three legs and two antennae, can be found almost anywhere. In the home, ants usually nest in soil next to or under structures, as they love warm and damp locations.

Most ants that dwell in homes do not pose a hazard, only an unsightly and creepy inconvenience. Only some ants can bite or sting, and some can lead to an odorous atmosphere.

  1. Houseflies

Flies have an oval-shaped dark grey or black body, with six legs and wings. You can typically find flies everywhere as they feed on garbage, animal excrement and other rotting organic sources.

The trouble with houseflies is that they can easily spread bacteria and diseases by contaminating food sources. This can lead to a variety of gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery. Some species of flies can also transmit illness through biting.

Contact a Pest Control Expert for Assistance

Keep your home well-protected against the invasion of unwanted common insects. If you are dealing with these common insects in your home now, be sure to contact a reliable and professional pest control company to effectively get rid of these insects.

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