Most Inspirational 5 Bollywood Sports Movie

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Bollywood and Cricket are two things worshipped by many Indians. So what happens when the two of them come together? The result is sports oriented power packed movies! And, I’m not talking about Bollywood movies based only on Cricket but also on other sports. It took some time for other sports to become a trend but with the awareness created on a multitude of platforms and support by Bollywood celebs, they have gathered a lot of interest among the masses. Here’s a list of some of the finest Bollywood movies which stirred up strong emotions and induced encouragement:


Released in 2001, I still have a difficult time moving from my sofa if I land upon watching this film on my TV. Such is the gripping impact of this movie. The move “Lagaan” was a stellar not just because of Aamir Khan. But also because of brilliant performances of other supporting actors and its strong script narration. It was even nominated for the Academy awards. The movie is set in the British rule area where a group of villagers accept a cricket challenge from the Britishers to forbid their exorbitant taxes for a whopping three years. It follows a difficult and challenging journey of them in order to win inspite of all the hurdles thrown at them.

Most Inspirational 5 Bollywood Sports Movie

Chak De! India

I find it sad to say but this movie bought the national sport of India i.e. Hockey in vogue! Chak De! India movie has so many feathers in its cap. From teaching the importance of team-work to building unity among women and from learning to stand every time after a hard fall to never giving up, Chak De! India has so many useful insights to pass not just to sports persons but also to the common masses. The move is about a hockey player who is held responsible for his team’s defeat in the final and blamed solely because of his religion. But he gets another opportunity to prove his metal and remove the tarnishes on his name by training a women hockey team, he leaves no stone unturned to make them the best players by giving them an extremely hard training and bringing an unbeatable unity among them. Don’t miss out on his latest flick “Fan” and do use Bookmyshow coupons available on to get discounts while booking tickets.

Mary Kom

Another female centric Bollymovie that tasted success in crores! Starring Priyanka Chopra in the role of Mary Kom, the movie is truly inspiring. There are so many lessons to incorporate from this movie like never giving up on your passion if it means going against your family wishes, to stop wishing and start working, not letting excuses stand in the path to your success, not letting success get into your head and most importantly, never letting only family become your identity. The film shows how many hardships Mary Kom had to face before becoming successful and even after becoming one after her marriage. But nothing deterred her from returning back to her passion. She goes on to show that how excuses are only for the lame people. Catch her latest movie at pvr cinema by booking via to lower your expenses and also to get handsome cash back.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Mostly famous for its romantic song “Pehla Nasha”, the movie secured a place for itself even in the heart of sports persons. Many people are under the impression that a proper training is equivalent to an expensive training and for an achievement to be possible, it is necessary by a sportsperson to have costly equipment. But all this has been proved wrong through this movie. Aamir Khan wins here with a mediocre cycle in a cycling race only due to his never-dying spirit and enthusiasm. The movie got a remarkable success and is still a favourite of millions! It’s one of those evergreen Bollywood movies which one gets never tired of watching.

Bhaag Mika Bhaag

Bhaag Mika Bhaag was one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 and it lived to the hype! Based on the story of famous runner, Milka Singh also known as “the flying Sikh”,  the movie is a true inspiration for not just struggling sports people but also for anyone who is feeling disappointed with life. It shows how reaching our goals in life are not that difficult if we start to work for them sincerely instead of cribbing every time a problem is shoved in our face. Rather than making many goals in life and running without direction, it is important to set a few important ones and follow them diligently to get closer to success. Also, one should never let greed dictate their life.


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