Most Popular Press Release Distribution Services For Your Business

There are many online companies that provide press release distribution services. The most popular press release distribution services for your business will not only ensure that you get published in major e-news sites and magazines but your releases can also appear in TV and radio shows.

The best press release service for your business is one that fits all your preferences and also lies within your budget range. An SEO oriented press release service is most likely to attract much traffic than a normal website service. It is also important that they include the use of social media and other tools to attract more people to their sites. This is because the more the visitors a page receives, the more successful a press release will be.

To ensure you get a much deserved exposure, we have listed the most popular press release services for your business below.

PRweb was the first press release company to fully embrace SE0 services without negatively affecting its operations. It is the most ideal service for startups since they do an intensive marketing of your releases. Their site also offers analytics that correspond to the statistics offered in many other sites. A limiting factor to PRweb is that they charge $89 for basic services and up to $369 for premium services.
It is a very powerful press distribution services tool which has an option of either paid or free press distribution service. Both free and paid accounts can give their distributions to be forwarded to major news sites online. However a paid account gets more services and advantages than a free account.

Nobody will argue that pitch engine is the fastest rising press release distribution service. This site is more of a complement to PRweb since it has additional features not found in it. Not only do they provide a superior social media coverage but also a complete online newsroom. This is one of the best press release services for your business since it is guaranteed to be marketed.

SB Wire
Also operates on a free account alongside paid accounts basis just like PR Web. A paid account offers your press release a number of tools for search engine optimization. Its distribution includes a platform of three newswires so that a release can get more visibility. For new members to SB Wire you are allowed to get a 30 day free trial for a premium membership.

knewswire is a popular press release distribution service for your business since it is used quite a large number of popular companies. This site offers a slightly lower price of $47 per month. Premium members normally get two basic press releases and another two of their releases on their site’s homepage. A premium license will also allow a maximum of five links in the body of an article which will be beneficial for search engine optimization.

Press Method Press Method offers either a paid or free press release distribution service. One good thing about this service is that they charge according to the distribution channel you would want to use. For example submitting your release through Google News will cost $29 while through multiple search engines normally costs $39. Their free service also offers instant press release distribution.

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