Motocross Helmets of the Future

The primary purpose of helmets hasn’t changed over time. Protecting the head whether in battle, riding a horse, snowboarding, skiing, working, or riding a motorcycle, requires the same type of technology. Motocross helmets today, are like most other types of helmets, they are made from a combination of foam and fiberglass.

Safety First

The future of helmets motocross may be about to change. Voztec helmets areuntitled working with designs that focus on the shell shape. Features of the helmet include a bottom edge that is rolled to allow the helmet to fit closer to a rider’s face. This helmet opens up in the back and you pull it on the same way you would a mask. Because the helmet is pulled on from the back, and doesn’t need a specific sized opening to fit over the head it can be fit tighter to the face, protecting the head better. Another safety feature is the construction of the helmet back. With the ability to open the back of the helmet, emergency personnel can remove it in the event of an accident, without stressing the rider’s spine or neck.

A Super Skin to Save Your Own

One of the greatest advances in motorcycle helmets for motocross is in the area of safety. Lazer helmets developed a special coating called super skin inspired by nature. Super skin is a layer applied to the outside of the helmet that works just like the scalp does in the human head. Rotation of the head causes severe brain injuries, many of which are untreatable. Super skin is an anti-rotational membrane and lubricant that imitates the natural movement of the skin over the skull. When the helmet impacts an object or the ground, the super skin works exactly like real skin. The super skin doesn’t grip the ground when it impacts. Instead, it will rip, or slide reducing rotational effects by over 60% in the first critical milliseconds of an impact reducing serious head injuries and deaths.

Cool Headed Safety

The rmahelm offers a helmet with a unique internal cooling process that activates when an impact occurs. By keeping the brain cool, this helmet has the potential to reduce the seriousness of brain injuries. When a crash occurs, the brain of the victim begins to heat up within a few minutes of impact. In hospitals, doctors often cool the body and brain as a way of slowing physical reactions in accident patients. Like an ice pack, the chemicals in the lining of the helmet activate to create cold when the helmet comes into contact with an object or hard surface. By keeping the brain cool, emergency workers have a little additional time to implement life-saving procedures before the brain begins to swell. With the ability to cool the brain, the helmet doesn’t need to be removed which can reduce or eliminate additional injuries to the neck or to the spine. There are many other new safety developments in motorcycle motocross helmets technology. If you ride a motorcycle or you engage in sports or work that poses safety concerns for your head, you should investigate the new generation of safety helmets. It can mean the difference between life, death and the quality of life you can lead after an impact injury.

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