My Latest Favorite Truck Accessory

Tonneau covers can be used to protect the bed of a truck or the seats in a roadster or convertible. These are far easier and quicker to take on and pull off than traditional car covers and truck bed covers. Some are even retractable, making them very efficient.



These covers are very sleek and do not detract from the look of your truck. You will maintain the space in your truck bed while keeping everything in it protected from the weather and theft. You can choose between a vinyl roll-up cover or a fiberglass one that is painted in the color of your choice. Not only will this offer protection and add to your truck’s appearance, but it can also add some additional value to your vehicle.



You will maintain your tonneau cover just as you maintain the exterior of your vehicle. You can use vehicle soap and water to remove all dirt and debris. This cover can also be waxed. Waxes can offer additional protection and that shiny look characteristic of well-cared-for vehicles. Auto parts stores often sell waxes made specifically for vinyl covers that will offer additional protection against the sun and help to prevent cracking.


Saving Money

When a pickup truck has a wide-open bed, the wind drag can result in eating gas. This makes you have to fill up more often, which in turn, costs you more money. If you put on one of these covers, the wind drag is decreased, resulting in less gas used so you save valuable gas money. It is estimated that your fuel savings will be about 10 to 15 percent.


Theft Prevention

If you add a tonneau cover and a tailgate lock to your truck, those without the key will not be able to see what you have in the bed of your truck, or snatch it out of there. This is really important if you go out shopping or have tools and other things back there that are of value to you. The combination of a lock and this kind of cover will work like a car’s trunk does in protecting what you have back there.


Author: robynsorenson