Network UPS Tools

Commonly known as an Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS is an electrical tool which provides power during emergencies. It loads up when there is an input power source malfunction. It often differs from a standby generator because it provides nearly instant protection from any kind of power interruptions. It supplies energy which is stored in batteries.

Usually, the apc battery runtime of these uninterruptible power supplies are shorter but good enough to start a standby power source. It also helps in properly performing shut down to protect the equipment being used such as computers, telecommunication equipment, data centers or other equipment which uses electricity.

Network UPS Tools

This is a suite of software component which is designed to help in monitoring power devices like UPS solar controllers, units for server power supply, and power distribution units. It supports network protocol with a standardized interface. This power device support has many features that its users can benefit from. Most of these features are constantly improving to cater the demand of many people using it. Some of its features include:

• Having multiple manufacturer and device support. This device helps in monitoring UPS, SCD, and PDU models from more than a hundred manufacturers in the world using its unified interface. It also supports various communication types with the same interface like serial, network (Eaton/MGE XML/HTTP and SNMP) and USBs.

• Provides security and access controls. It has manager functions which are granted to each user. Administrators of the network have full access to all the network activities.

• Web-based monitoring. This feature come stock with the CGI-based web interface tools mostly used for UPS monitoring. This includes displays of graphical statuses.

• UPS management and control feature. Shutdowns hardware without worrying that this equipment might breakdown when re-opened.

Common Power Troubles

The major role of any uninterruptible power supplies is to help in providing even a short-term power when the main power source breaks down. There are many units of UPS that are capable of varying degrees of correcting the most common problems when it comes to power supply like:

• Harmonic distortion
• Mains frequency instability
• Input voltage sustained reduction
• Voltage spike
• Noise

Benefits of Using Network UPS Tools

With the right network UPS tools, you will be able to have a reliable monitoring of your serial, network (SNMP) and USB that are connected into your uninterruptible power supply systems. It will alert each administrator of sudden changes in the status of your power thus ensuring that there will be a safe shut down of all the devices connected to the power source. When a primary remote site connection is affected by the disruption of power supply, the console server will then be accessed out of the bandwidth. This will enable the remote admin to keep visibility and management of all the power at the site affected. Using the Network UPS Tools, there will be a consolidated management of all of your Uninterruptible Power Supply systems with just using one IP connection in the server.


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