New-Age Mind: 4 Ways To Engage Your Brain With The Internet

The human brain risks a cognitive decline without exercise, especially during its developing years in teenhood and the senior age. This established scientific fact is the reason middle school teachers devise creative teaching lessons, and retirement homes purchase mind-jogging games such as crosswords, chess, and puzzles. The internet era simplifies the search for brain-boosting activities with a myriad of options.

New-Age Mind: 4 Ways To Engage Your Brain With The Internet

A Simple Google Search

Gary Small of the Semel Institue for Neuroscience revealed a study’s conclusion that disputes using the fact that using the computer is a sedentary task. He explained that a few internet searches activate dormant brain cells. It is prudent to have a clear goal when searching the web to avoid wasting hours feeding the mind with excessive information. The array of healthy options one may pursue on a Google search are inexhaustible. Researching on your favorite topic or an overwhelming puzzle will improve your concentration awareness and level up self-drive. The neural circuits sharpen with time and require much less stimulation with increased purposeful Google searches.

Internet Games as Brain Gyms

BrainHQ AARP games are minefields for tired and dull brain cells. These programs are accessible using computers, mobile phones, and tablets. They are engaging, fun and have average difficulty levels so as not to defeat the original intent of the exercise. Daily gaming on these sites will keep the neurons well-oiled and flexible enough to minimize life’s hurdles like wrong driving moves and depression.

BrainHQ’s games run for less than five minutes and have the customization to improve brain health in the end. The games keep a tracking history of performance, so the player tracks the progress with ease. BrainHQ allows a player to customize a game to address their preferred intricacies. Additionally, the games only need one player hence the performance is a not a competition. This is a potentially draining setup for newbie gamers which could chip away at their self-esteem.

Online Homeschooling to Improve Development

Online homeschooling attracts controversial opinions on observers and partakers who either enjoy or dislike the idea of a home exile. Distant learning is an excellent tool for kids looking to take a break from a pressing school issue such as bullying, a family that moves a lot or special needs such as limited movement on a wheelchair. The internet provides a stable learning platform that parents utilize to meet the national study and examination standard. So many online homeschool programs boost the child’s thinking power by eliminating the mundane school distractions such as competition and social norms like low self-esteem in class. Parents observe the child’s performance keenly since the attendance, testing, and grades are structured from the first day for progressive observation.

Forge a Social Connection

High-speed networks and social media platforms blanket the current society. Social sites like Facebook and, Twitter are powerful connectivity tools for past friends, family, and new relationships. Loneliness makes up the building block of depression. It is, however, an easily rectifiable case with the internet. One way to beat a lonely night after work is to connect with a friend via Skype and cook simultaneously using a similar recipe. Another alternative is to share videos and photos of the day’s proceedings to charge up a stimulating conversation.

The brain provides a visceral function to our everyday lives such as recalling a schedule, keeping emotions in check and fast responses to stimuli. Despite its full-time work mode, it is nonetheless an organ like the others, which need support such as healthy eating and regular workouts to function impeccably. The internet holds power to expand the brain’s consciousness with regular mental workouts that test and challenge its capability.


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