New Automotive Innovations That Increase Vehicle Life and Safety

The automotive industry is adding features to vehicles in order to make them safer for you. Some of these innovations also help to increase the life of your car. Here are just a few of the innovations that you can see on new cars on the market.

Tire Pressure Sensors

Your tires are important when it comes to keeping you safe while you’re driving. Making sure that they’re properly inflated will give you the maximum amount of traction on the road. Having a tire pressure sensor that will notify you when there’s a problem with your tires works to keep you safer. You don’t have to worry about checking your tires before a big trip because your car will do it for you. Some vehicles will even let you know exactly which tire needs to be checked.


There are times that you’re likely distracted in the car. This could be that you can’t see very well due to poor weather conditions or if someone runs out in front of you unexpectedly. Your car can help you to brake during these times so that you aren’t involved in an accident. This could save you from ruining your vehicle and running into a pedestrian. It may even help in the prevention of an accident with another vehicle.

Increased Cabin Protection

Newer cars are better at protecting their occupants then their older counterparts. There are other features that you can add to your vehicle that will increase the safety that you experience while in the cabin. For instance, bulbar installation may help to protect your car better than just a bumper. For instance, if you were to hit a large animal while on the road, your bumper and the entirety of your car would be better protected. It may even protect your vehicle from being totaled in the accident.

Camera Capabilities

A backup camera is standard on almost all new cars and will be required very shortly. This is because it provides you with an additional safety feature when you’re trying to back out of a parking spot. The motivating force behind this innovation was in an effort to avoid parents from running over their kids in their own driveway. There are additional camera features that are being installed on new vehicles that will let you check your blind spot without having to take your eyes off of the road.

Automotive innovations are helping to save lives and extend the life of your vehicle. No one wants to be involved in an accident that could have been prevented with these safety features.


Author: Anica O

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