Newest Trends in Dermal Fillers


Newest trends in dermal fillers are becoming popular among the people who need them to get rid of wrinkles and dropping skin depending on their individual experiences. Face lifting was the only way, some years back, to get rid of droopy skin and wrinkles on the face. But with the advancements in the techniques of cosmetic procedures so many procedures have been developed which are not needed to be used constantly for the purpose. Injecting the dermal fillers into the creasing lines or thinning lips provide exceptional results within a little recovery period without any need of surgery.

Newest trends in dermal fillers include the products that are naturally found in human skin but have declined due to increasing age. These products rejuvenate the skin by helping in increasing their effect which one can not get even after surgical treatment. Main advantages of dermal fillers as compared to earlier face lifts are the aspects of pain and recovery period. They take minimum time to recover without any conspicuous pain. But while using these fillers the health care provider must consider the genetic and metabolic factors alongwith skin texture and age of the patient to decide for their suitability.

Newest trends in dermal fillers

Juvederm : Juvederm is a gel containing hyaluronic acid, a natural hydrate present in the skin, which is injected into the skin. The loose skin gets vitally plumped up to give a youthful look by injecting this product. Your skin become drooping when its elasticity and hydration are lost and injecting Juvederm underneath your skin boosts up hydration for instantly reducing the lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Restylane : This is one of the newest dermal filler which contains hyluronic acid in a suspension gel form which affect the lines and wrinkles with their Hylacross process, a bonded and crossed link process. The gel becomes smoother which helps in lasting the effect of the product for nearly 6 to 12 months within 5 to 10 minutes of injecting it. It needs lesser amount of Restylane to retreat the patient to get similar results for the second time.

Radiesse : This dermal filler is made through the latest technique of microsphere based on calcium where calcium particles found underneath your skin are used to grow new collagens. The microsphere gets absorbed into the body after integrating with the calcium. The effect of this product lasts for almost one year because the natural collagens of the body get increased due to it.

But before using the newest trends in dermal fillers the users are advised to consult their medical care provider or a specialist of this field about the suitability of the product on your skin type. The doctor you choose for treating your dropping skin with newest trends in dermal fillers must have experience and knowledge of the products to be used and their retrospective effects on various types of skins.

Thus, newest trends in dermal fillers had made it easy to get rid of dropping skin and wrinkles without experiencing any kind of pain and surgical complications.


Author: Michelle Lee

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