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Milk, cream, and flavorings meld into the delectable frozen treat which we call them ice cream. Often regarded as a sweet indulgence, ice cream can contain different nutrients, for example, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. The worldwide ice cream market has a compounded annual development rate of 4.5% from 2011 to 2018. The heart of this development is a combination of two factors.

  • Innovative ice cream producers are expanding into healthier and dairy-free, plant-based ice creams, with bases that include chickpeas, tahini, coconut, avocado, or other unconventional ingredients.
  • General society wants and is more accepting of ice creams that aren’t simply sweet indulgences yet, in addition, nutrient-dense bites.

Following this ever-growing trend, we at Renee’s Live are here to provide nutritious organic dessert that can satisfy your sweet tooth. On the other hand, our organic desserts are manufactured by us so that you will get the best quality consistently.

Organic Ice Cream Market Growth

The trend of maximizing nutrition credentials in dairy products by proliferating characteristic ingredients has certainly uplifted the organic ice cream market size. Today consumers are exceptionally conscious regarding the nutrition value and ingredients used in food. As a result, organic ice cream industry players are also making use of improved natural ingredients and are promoting the conservation of biodiversity by sourcing normal ingredients.

Health Concerns

In the recent past, ice cream has earned the reputation of being a sugar-loaded, nutrition-void calorie bomb. However, the traditional ice cream market has encountered challenging conditions in more matured markets due to rising diet-consciousness and healthy lifestyles. To overcome this challenge, manufacturers are presently producing organic desserts with the presence of naturally processed preservations and sweeteners. These types of desserts have become mainstream amongst health-conscious consumers over the traditional ones.

Flavors and Formats

An increase in the ice cream products that are free from artificial colors, corn syrup, synthetic flavors, and GMO ingredients have specifically charted a profitable development for the demand of organic ice creams. Another latest trend gaining traction in the organic ice cream market is the demand for lactose-free ice creams. These ice creams are completely organic and dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Niche Companies and Products

Organic ice cream industry trends have clearly demonstrated that the usage of healthy frozen desserts has been moving ahead at a rather remarkable pace. As per reliable sources, ice creams and frozen desserts remain among the top food categories in the supermarkets.

What we make is what you eat

At Renee’s Live, we pursue a completely transparent procedure to manufacture your favorite organic desserts. All the ingredients that we use are loaded with nutrients and are natural. As a result, you will get your favorite organic ice cream that is rich in nutrients. On the other hand, we also manufacture Vanilla Cultured Coconut Cream that you can use in your meal or you can have it separately. Now, head to our website and purchase your favorite flavored organic ice cream that you want to have.


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