Outdoor Activities For Children

Getting children outside and off the sofa can be difficult. Especially with the multiple games consoles and hundreds and channels available now. If you only offer your children the same outdoor activities from week to week they will soon become bored of them. Coming up with unique and low cost activities is easy with this helpful guide.

Water Slides
On a hot day creating a fun environment for your children couldn’t be easier. If you already have a slide you can easily buy an add on water slide which just lays flat on your lawn. All you need then is water and some washing up liquid to make the slide nice and slippy. This is a great way for children to cool down on a hot day, have fun and use up some energy running back and forth. Turn on your sprinkler for even more fun. If you are worried about them falling over you can invest in some recycled rubber play mats.

Their Own Patch
Give your child their own patch of land to grow things. Ensure you enforce the idea of responsibility and how special it is for them to have their own space to grow things. Take them to the garden centre let them choose a couple of plants that will be easy to look after but will have rewarding results when they grow. Your child will be proud to have their own plants to look after and it will hopefully get them out in the garden most days to tend to their patch.

In this fast paced era we forget how enjoyable the simple things can be. Have a picnic in the garden on a warm afternoon. Get your child involved- ask them to help you prepare food and allow them to choose a board game to bring to your picnic and to choose guests in the form of teddies and toys to join in. This makes for some good bonding time and allows your child to feel like they have helped organize this garden event.

Get Creative
Nearly all children love to paint. Encourage them to get messy and really involved. Set up an easel in the garden and a stool and let them paint whatever they want. If you don’t have an easel lay down some big pieces of cardboard on the grass and let them paint on pieces of paper. This option is better if they want to get messy using their hands and feet.

There are so many options to get children outdoors, and they don’t have to cost a bomb either. If you are worried about your children falling over outside investing in recycled play mats will put your mind at rest.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Smith Brothers who specialize in recyled saftey play mats.


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