Outdoor Cooking – A Fun Way To Spend Quality Time With Your Family

There is nothing to beat outdoor cooking as it is fun and gives an almost party atmosphere to the whole affair. A permanent outdoor kitchen in your porch or yard area will provide an opportunity of having outdoor parties with ease and a great time in fresh air. It does not have to be an elaborate affair; French toast or even a burger can set the ball rolling and so it is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family and relax too. Read on to discover some outdoor kitchen designs and a few easy to fix recipes so that even children can take active part.

Outdoor kitchen design ideas

Steel appliances with a touch of wood have a more industrial look and also make the whole unit appear sleek and professional. Besides, most guests will be rather surprised at the professional finish such appliances give off. Contrast with an imitation marble topped table and some comfy padded chairs in white for a relaxed yet style laden appeal.

If table and chair seating sounds boring, have a few arm chairs and wicker chairs around. In case you want an outdoor kitchen look that can be hidden when not in use, opt for sliding doors as that way an instant outdoor kitchen would be available whenever required. Built-in exhausts and pull down faucets too go with this design. Hanging and wall mounted lamps are perfect for late evening sit-ins and also add a touch of elegance to the whole affair.

The Tuscan appeal need not only lie in your dining room; add a wood fire pizza oven and bring on that Tuscan feel. Bench style seating and cute handless terracotta mugs with lots of floral decorations on the table will really set the party ablaze. You can also have a bar like look with chairs pushed on near a countertop so that even the cook gets to be a part of the group even while cooking.

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A few simple outdoor cooking recipes even kids can try (adult supervision recommended)

Egg Rafts

Cut a circle of two inches in the middle of a slice of bread and toast the bread lightly on both sides. Add a blob of butter in a frying pan and add the slightly toasted bread and wait till it sizzles. Break an egg over the hole and cook on low and even heat. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste once the egg is cooked.

Jamaican Bananas

You’ll need one banana per person. Into the ashes of a fire, place a ripe but unpeeled banana and roast till the skin becomes black. Rake it out and split in the centre then sprinkle the inside with sugar and some lime juice and enjoy!

French Toast

Break four eggs in a bowl and add a cup of milk and some salt, sugar and pepper to this mixture. Stir till well mixed and then dip slices of bread into it and fry on in a pan using butter. Fry on medium heat till golden brown on both sides and serve with maple syrup.

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