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Oxblood – The Fashion Choice For Autumn 2012

Autumn trends are always very safe and neutral, well, not this year. In fact this year is anything but, with the bold colour oxblood being the favourite for the seasonal trends.

Oxblood, the new fashion for autumn 2012; the colour has been popular on fashion items such as Dr Martens knee high boots for years, but now it’s everywhere. From handbags to tops and shoes, the colour is everywhere and there’s no sign of its popularity with the designers diminishing.

So, what is oxblood, other than the colour that you must be seen in this season? Oxblood as a colour is a dark mixture of red and brown; the colour is closely related to that of an Ox’s blood, hence the name oxblood and this season it’s smothering the catwalk.

This season the summer colour of tangerine has been pushed aside, maybe not a surprising revelation, as the designers favour this moody tone over any other.

DKNY: Lamb’s skin coats, leather skirts and belts all in the nation’s new favourite colour, oxblood. Alexander Wang has presented a leather satchel while Rag & Bone have decided on military coats with elements of the season’s colour. Other big features were leather jackets along with other pieces in oxblood with a purple tint.

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The typical autumn and winter wardrobe consists of black, black and more black, but this year black’s being given a run for its money. Oxblood is not just a prominent feature on the most famous catwalks in the world but also on the high street. High street stores were hot on the trail of the catwalks when it came to getting oxblood onto the shelves. Right now you can buy oxblood everything, through whole clothes ranges and every accessory you could possibly want.

Oxblood is a colour that’s both rich and immoral, so if you want to have the brazen look about you this autumn then keep the navy, grey and black tones to a minimal and strut your stuff in some oxblood red jeans, or leggings, if you prefer. If there’s no way of you letting go of the dark autumnal tones in your wardrobe then try adding an oxblood accessory such as a belt; or if you’re feeling really daring why not try an oxblood lip stick or lip gloss?

Nobody really knows where this trend has come from, but who cares? It’s a great change. So why not follow the likes of Mulberry and Douglas Hannant this autumn and be a little more daring with your wardrobe.

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