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Nootropic which helps in increasing memory, intellect and energy is Phenotropil. This even helps a person to concentrate well. Phenotropil is also known as Phenylpiracetam or even as carphedon. This nootropic is a supplement which is actually from Piracetam and is really potent. The chemical structure of this supplement is similar to many other racetam structures. So this supplement Phenotropil is effective than Piracetam. It helps in increasing the stamina of a person. The availability of this supplement is limited.


Phenotropil for brain stimulation and advantages

Phenotropul is also like other racetam nootropics which stimulate the systems of brain. This supplement will help in releasing more neurotransmitters which will supply more energy and connect the neurons. It also helps in increasing the dopamine and noradrenalin which will help a person to fell strong and motivate them. This also helps in concentration and helps in focusing. This is powerful supplement and helps in enhancing cognitive. It improves memory, mood and performance. It helps in boosting energy. There are many benefits while using Phenotropil. It is used for ADD as concentration boosting supplement. It enhances neuromuscular connections and the ability of motor skills in athletics. It also increases the memory. It helps in improving learning and reasoning. It also acts as mood enhancer. It can be used as stimulant while taken post workout. It also increases the pain tolerance.

Side effects

Apart from advantages there are also side effects using Phenotropil. When compared to other supplements this is safer with very less side effects. A person using Phenotropil may experience headache, nausea or irritation. He many feel discomfort in digestion and fell restless. If a person is facing such issues, then he must use less or small dosage of Phenotropil. This supplement should be avoided taking in evening and this may lead to insomnia and sometimes it disturbs the quality of the sleep also. Read the review from Nootriment.

An Overview of the Dosage

The dosage of any supplement is really important. As this supplement is taken from Piracetam it may have many side effects on your body. It is absorbed by the body quickly and it easily crosses brain and blood barrier. So this supplement Phenotropil is stronger than any other Piracetam. So Phenotropil must be taken in fewer doses. Phenotropil can be restricted to 250gms dosage and this will be sufficient. Within an hour of taking this supplement, the effects are seen and they last for nearly five hours. Many people take this supplement Phenotropil with other choline. By combining this, the results are increased and this supplement will have more neuroprotective advantages. A person can select three choline supplements while he is designing his stack. They can select Alpha GPC or Citicoline or Centrophenoxine. A person can select any and Alphs is more bioavailable. These supplements increase the acetylcholine and other levels like BDNF. They help in promoting the long term as well as short term memory and increases memory. This also helps in circulation of cerebral and neuroplasticity. 


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