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Phoenix: Rise With The Sun For A Day Of Fun

A friend comes up to you and invites you for a trip out west on your next vacation. You’re thrilled with the idea. Then they spring it on you: they’re going to Phoenix, Arizona.

Deflated? Don’t be! Phoenix might not be a tourist destination with the same reputation as the Las Vegases of the world, but there’s a reason people keep going to Phoenix and staying: it’s fun.

And, yes, the heat is indeed a dry heat.

So let’s take a quick tour around Phoenix and find some spots that will yield you the most fun in the limited time you have to spend – assuming you don’t already want to move there.

Western Destinations

The top-rated Phoenix destination on TripAdvisor.com, Western Destinations is exactly what it sounds like: a destination where you can get your entire southwestern fix. That means horseback riding, corporate event hosting, and family-friendly activities with friendly guides. Essentially, Western Destinations is exactly the type of place you’d hope Phoenix would have; make sure to put it at the top of the list for your trip before you put it off.

Chase Field

Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field is a great place to get out and enjoy a baseball game with whatever team happens to be in town. The stadium itself gets routinely great reviews for sightlines and the overall fan experience; you don’t have to necessarily root for Arizona’s home teams to enjoy the Major League atmosphere.

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The Raven Golf Club at South Mountain

If your tastes take you out on the links rather than to the ballpark, the Raven Golf Club is where you need to be. Considering just how friendly the southwestern climate can be to golfers (well, at least in terms of dry air – it might be a little tougher on the grass!), this is an ideal destination if you want to not only get more golfing experience under your belt but see what golfing is like in a different part of the country.

Arizona Science Center

If you’d prefer to beat the heat with a more mentally stimulating challenge, there’s nothing like visiting the Arizona Science Center. This is particularly great for families that want to stay out of the sun in the peak hours while giving your kids plenty to be occupied with. The Arizona Science Center is not only a museum, but it has hands-on exhibits that are perfect for kids who are at the stage in their lives when they need to explore everything they see.

Wrigley Mansion

If your mental interests lean more towards history than science, head over to the Wrigley Mansion not only to take part in a little history but to get a great view of the city itself; a perfect activity when the sun is setting and it’s the perfect temperature to be outside. Considering how good the food at the Wrigley Mansion is nowadays, you may end up staying there longer than you first planned!

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