Pick, Pack, and Ship: How to Run an Effective Warehouse Business

An effective warehouse business involves taking a multifaceted approach. Storage, packaging, and shipping are just some of the things that you need to develop in order to be proficient. Here are the techniques that you should use to increase your effectiveness in the marketplace.


Streamline Your Picking Process

Your floorplan plays an important role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. This means that shelving units should be utilized in such a way as to make ease of movement ideal. Another thing to consider is the types of shelving to use. Units that allow you easy access with a forklift might help to streamline your business model. Having things organized will also help to make your business more effective.


Batch as Required

Batching can help to cut down on your shipping costs. Pairing customer orders in as few shipments as possible will ensure that the customer receives their items in a timely fashion. The caution with this method is that you don’t want to cause undue delay on all of the items. Using an electronic system to help you keep track of your inventory will make the batching process easier to manage. You’ll also want to notify the customer of the use of this method or any delays that may be experienced as a result of it.


Use Reliable Packing Methods

How you package your products is just as important as how you ship them. You don’t want your merchandise to arrive at its location damaged. This won’t serve you or your customers purposes. Use a company like Fox Packaging Services for all of your packing needs. This will help to ensure that you have the very best materials available for the transport of your goods.


Track Your Merchandise

Provide an online tracking tool for you and your customers use to follow the progress of the shipped items. This will help everyone to know exactly where things are in the transit process. Advertise that you have this option available. It may make you more appealing over your competition if you have real time tracking as a feature of your customer service program.


There are lots of ways that you can make your warehouse business more effective. Some of the key points include your level of organization and all of the aspects that go along with achieving this goal. Use these techniques to get you started on being the most effective warehouse business possible for the needs of your customers.


Author: Lizzie W

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