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Planning The Perfect Retirement

Look far ahead, imagining the future. Did you wonder whether you would welcome retirement, or do you fear that boredom might set in? After decades of working a nine-to-five job, raising a family, and volunteering in the little spare time you had left over… are you now ready to enter this exciting new phase? Let’s lookat the road which now lies ahead, and ensure that you’re prepared for this fantastic and engaging transistion.

Opportunities for keeping busy
While there’s ample opportunity for relaxation in a retirement setting, most seniors today are finding a healthy balance between leisurely recreation and maintaining a healthy level of activity.

Senior living communities offer a variety of activities to fill your weekly schedule. From attending guest lectures to taking a computer course, a wealth of options are available for you to choose from. There are fitness activities like Yoga, Tai Chi and dance classes… the sky’s the limit!

Educational Resources
Edwin is a recently retired high school teacher residing in Windsor, Ontario. He was less than optimistic about leaving the workforce until he learned of ElderCollege. This relatively new extension of the University of Windsor is rapidly becoming more well-known amongst the plus-55 communities of Southern Ontario.

Courses include topics like History, Art, and Technology. Don’t see the class you’re looking for?  ElderCollege invites you to create your own courses. The curriculum is designed and administrated by seniors just like you.
Serving on a committee
Many retirement homes offer members seats on localized resident boards. Their purpose is to provide a central vehicle of communication between residents and management. Participation allows you to have your voice heard during the shaping of future programs and policies.

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No matter where our talents and areas of expertise lie, chances are good that they will be of value to others in your retirement community. Whether you’re teaching a class or attending one, it’s participation that’s at the heart of keeping a happy and active mind.

After we exit the workforce, we enter a state of transition. Now that retirement is approaching, you can take a moment to reconsider certain pursuits you may not have thought about in some time – pursuits like the ability to continue your education, or a chance to finally particpate on the committees of your choice.

Written by Alice Lucette, a Canadian blogger.

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