Planning Your Eco-Friendly Surf Trip

If you want to catch some waves and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, it is time to learn how to plan a green vacation on the sandy beach. Sustainable travel has become the new craze in a world where people are looking for environmentally-friendly ways to do just about everything. From commuting to work to traveling for pleasure, there is a way to go “green” if you take time to do the planning. Before you start researching high tide and temperatures, consider these tips and make a smaller impact on the planet without compromising the quality of your experience while you are on vacation. So here are three expert tips for planning an eco-friendly surf trip.

Stay in a Green Hotel

If you do not have the pleasure of living on the beach, chances are you are going to need somewhere to stay when you are traveling to the beach to surf. One of the best ways that you can go green while planning your trip is to book a room in a green hotel. Hotels can be very wasteful if they are not trying to be environmentally-friendly. Green hotels make a difference by using low-flow toilets, low-flow shower heads, energy efficient appliances, and by deploying energy-efficient cleaning techniques.

Choose an Airline Dedicated to Sustaining the Environment

If you are taking time off of work and you have to travel 500 miles or more to get to the beach, taking the bus might not be a practical option. You can be an environmentally-friendly flier if you are willing to do your research. If you must fly, make sure you only book your flight through an airline that has a strong environmental agenda. Find airlines that believe in recycling, investing in fuel-efficient planes, and that use environmentally-friendly products. You should also look for airlines that have e-ticket options. This will reduce waste without compromising how much time you have to enjoy the surf.

Buy an Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Surfboards are made of a variety of different materials. While many surfboards were once made of non-renewable materials, the industry is starting to focus on using recycled materials so that eco-friendly consumers can buy a board without feeling guilty. These “green” surfboards are a key component of sustainable surfing. They will use recycled foam, bio-resin epoxy, and stay away from petrochemicals. 

If you are becoming more conscious of the environment and the impact the human race has had on Mother Nature, you are probably looking for a more convenient way to travel without impacting the planet. From booking a green hotel room to investing in environmentally-friendly boards, fins, and goggles, there is a way to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. Take time to review hotels, check out campsites, and look for more efficient modes of transportation so that you can get from point A to point B, sleep comfortably, and catch the biggest wave of your life.

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