Precautionary Measures To Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation is something that we are all very much aware of. No matter how much we are told to follow the norms of safe uses, we hardly obey them. We keep the device near our bed while sleeping at night and leave them on even when not in use. We cannot deny that a mobile device has become so much a part of our lifestyle that staying away from it is almost impossible. In exchange of connectivity, we have welcomed radiation easily in our life. But, luckily we can limit this exposure by using shielding products. Depending upon the noise frequency and the product design, manufacturers use cable ferrites, gaskets, and other shielding solutions.Following are some quick basic tips that you can follow to minimize exposure to cell phone radiation.


Use Speakers

Every time you take a call, you hold the cell phone to the ear and this directs the radiation from the device to your brain, which is hazardous. According to an associate professor of the Institute for Health Studies, Canada, for every inch you keep the phone away from the body, the radiation impact minimizes by double. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid this radio frequency (RF) radiation is by using the speakerphone function. This will keep the cell phone away from your brain. Though it is annoying to use in a public place or for making private calls, if you can follow this tip radiation effect can be cancelled.

Get Wired

If you think talking over a speaker is embarrassing, a wired headset can be your savior. Generally, this accessory comes with all cell phone kits.

A wired headset cuts down the excessive radiation from a cell phone by keeping the device away from you. However, a headset can also radiate low electromagnetic rays. If you are worried about that, just buy a ferrite bead and attach it to the wire. This will attenuate the mild radiation traveling through the wire.

Avoid Bluetooth

A Bluetooth wireless earpiece maybe convenient and look smart, but it is not free from electromagnetic radiation. However, the radiation that this device emits radiation is lesser than cell phone. But the problem lies in the habit of keeping it on for longer hours because that is harmful.

You need to remember that Bluetooth is not for fashion, it is an electrical piece which has side-effects, if overused. But if you still need to keep it on, switch it from one ear to another for minimizing the exposure span and take it off when you are not using the phone.

Text More, Talk Less

Many of us love to be on the phone for hours. But this habit needs to change. It doesn’t matter whether we use a headset or a speaker, exposure to cell phone for longer hours intensify radiation absorption. So, go for the alternative – send text messages or use your email or messaging services, if you are using a Smartphone. This will keep your phone away and prevent any unnecessary body contact.

Read Manuals

How many of us read the manuals that come with our mobile phones? Only a few. But most manuals clearly mention the usage norms and warn you against keeping cell phones close to your head or in your pocket. Gadget manufacturers are doing their best to reduce radiations. They resort to various shielding solutions and integrate these into the product design. In fact, you see some shielding solutions every day without knowing their function. For instance, have you ever noticed a bead-like structure at the end of a USB cable? That is a very effective shielding component called cable ferrite that suppresses high frequency noise. Similarly, there are many components that are used inside a gadget to prevent radiation. Although cell phone radiations may not damage your DNA, prevention is always better than cure. Follow the safety norms and limit the exposure as much as you can.


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