Preventing Falls: Canes And Other Devices Keep Seniors Safe

As individuals age, one of the most common fears is that they will suffer a fall—and all of the painful repercussions that accompany such an accident. Because falls are so common, and preventable, a multitude of devices has been created to assist elderly individuals in their daily activities while safeguarding them against trips, slips, and stumbles.

Canes, Walkers, and Other Mobility Aids

Canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other such resources were designed to assist seniors with getting from point A to point B. Whether they are used in the home or when out and about, these devices are integral to the ability of many elderly individuals to maintain their mobility.

Canes are waist-high walking sticks that provide a great deal in terms of the assistance they supply to seniors who have limited mobility issues. With a cane, seniors can redistribute their weight to protect injured or otherwise afflicted joints. They can also cover unstable terrain, such as pavers or sand, with greater ease. Some canes offer pivoting ends, allowing seniors even more range of motion in terms of the way in which they can use the device. Others may have larger handles to assist elderly individuals in achieving a better grip.

Walkers offer the same support as canes in that they provide a resource upon which seniors can lean as they walk; however, these mobility aids require two hands and for the senior to lean forward as they step, as they are placed in front of the feet.

Wheelchairs are also popular, as they allow seniors who cannot walk on their own to continue to move from one location to another.

Handles and Slip-Resistant Padding

One of the most common places in which seniors fall is the bathroom. From slippery tub bottoms and tile floors to difficulty sitting down on the toilet, there are many issues that can cause an elderly individual to take a tumble in this room. To prevent falls, families often install handles and slip-resistant padding along various surfaces.

Slip-resistant padding is essential in the bottom of the bathtub or shower, as it helps keep seniors from falling when getting into or out of the water. Additionally, a slip-resistant rug in front of the toilet and sink can help safeguard seniors.

Also popular are handlebars. Mounted to the wall, these bars allow seniors to better step into the tub or shower or lower themselves onto the toilet. Bars may also be placed in hallways, by the bed, and in other high traffic areas.

The myriad of resources available to help seniors prevent falls is essential in keeping elderly individuals safe while allowing them to enjoy as much independence as possible. These devices can avert falls and encourage seniors to enjoy a higher degree of autonomy.

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